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1 views • May 9, 2024

The “Strongest” Argument Against The Papacy (Pope Vigilius) - Refuted

0:00 Non-Catholics Think Vigilius Refutes Catholicism 1:17 The Three Chapters 2:14 The Dilemma With Regard To Theodoret And Ibas 3:12 Emperor Justinian Insists On A Condemnation 3:20 Justinian’s First Condemnation Of The Chapters (544-545) 3:41 Patriarch Menas Of Constantinople Defers To The Pope 4:39 Papal Primacy Is Shown At The Outset Of The Controversy 4:48 Patriarch Anatolius Of Constantinople Said Chalcedon Was Reserved To Pope Leo 5:19 Then Menas And Others Submit To Justinian 5:25 Emperor Justinian Acknowledges Papal Primacy 5:36 Emperor Justinian’s Code Of Law Supports The Papacy 7:02 Pope Vigilius Arrives In Constantinople (547) 7:08 Vigilius Issues His Iudicatum (548) 7:19 He Added A Clause That Preserved Respect For Chalcedon 7:43 Two Important Points About Papal Supremacy 8:24 The Galatians 1:8 Principle 9:04 St. Maximus On The Papacy 10:30 Vigilius Withdrew His Iudicatum And Plans For A Council With Justinian 10:40 Justinian Violates The Agreement & Publishes His 551 Edict 10:49 Under Pressure, Menas & Others Subscribe To The 551 Edict 11:04 Vigilius Excommunicates Menas & Others 11:12 Justinian Responds By Imprisoning Vigilius 11:36 Vigilius Assaulted At The Altar 12:01 Emperor Justinian Temporarily Backs Down 12:19 Patriarch Menas & Others Ask The Pope For Forgiveness 12:28 Menas’ Profession Of Faith Submitting Documents To Vigilius 13:07 Eastern ‘Orthodox’ Refuted On The Patriarch Asking For Forgiveness 13:33 Menas Asks Forgiveness For Communing With People Vigilius Condemned 13:54 The Eastern Bishops Profess That They Accept The Papal Decrees 14:12 Council Opens Without Vigilius 14:17 Evidence For Papal Primacy In Session 1 - Eutychius’ Profession 15:49 Vigilius Issues His First Constitutum On May 14, 553 16:03 The Council Condemns Pope Vigilius 16:36 An Ecumenical Council Did Not Condemn Vigilius 16:56 Nicaea II Says Ecumenical Councils Require The Pope’s Cooperation 18:16 Eastern ‘Orthodox’ Apologists Refuted On Nicaea II On Ecumenical Councils 20:33 Why Would They Even Condemn Vigilius? 20:43 Justinian Removed Those Who Did Not Comply 21:51 Constantinople II Cited The Galatians 1:8 Principle 22:59 In Session 5 They Profess Communion With Vigilius Despite His Exercise Of Universal Authority 24:18 The Acts Of Constantinople II Were Edited To Remove The Condemnations Of Vigilius 26:33 ‘Orthodox’ Apologists Argue That Sess. 8 Dogmatizes Consensus-Based Ecclesiology 28:24 Refuting Their Argument Concerning Session 8 33:39 Objections To Papal Infallibility 34:21 What Eastern ‘Orthodox’ Claim About The First Constitutum 36:12 Refuting ‘Orthodox’ Claims Regarding The First Constitutum On The First Chapter (Theodore) 37:19 No Error In Vigilius’ Solemn Decree About Theodore In The First Constitutum 39:51 The First Constitutum On The Second Chapter (The Writings Of Theodoret) 40:11 Jay & Another ‘Orthodox’ Misrepresent Vigilius’ First Constitutum 41:36 Vigilius’ Decree In The First Constitutum Concerning The Second Chapter 42:35 Vigilius’ First Constitutum On The Third Chapter (The Letter To Mari) 44:34 The First Constitutum’s Solemn Decree On The Letter To Mari Contains No Error Against The Faith 46:08 God’s Providence In Protecting Vigilius’ Solemn Decree 46:55 Vigilius’ Second Constitutum 49:40 Refuting ‘Orthodox’ On Vigilius Supposedly Submitting To The Council 50:07 The Second Letter To Eutychius 50:32 Vigilius’ Second Letter To Eutychius, Exercising Authority, Included In The Acts The permanent page for this video is here: https://endtimes.video/papacy-pope-vigilius-eastern-orthodoxy/ To see future videos, sign up for our e-mail list here: https://mhfm.email https://vaticancatholic.com https://endtimes.video
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