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Kentucky Audience Appreciates Combination of Traditional Music and Dance

2019-02-01 22:40
Shen Yun has tasked itself with the mission of bringing back China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture. Audience members in Richmond, Kentucky, relayed their impressions after experiencing the concerted efforts of the performers. "It's beautiful," said David Reichley, Pastor of Crossroads Church. "It's a neat portrayal of there being a higher power and submitting to that, and there being good here on earth that can be experienced." Nashwa Cahill, a dance instructor at Berea College, rated the performance as excellent and top notch. She said she appreciated the mission of Shen Yun. "It's part of their identity and part of their culture, which [is] what I love about the show," she said. "I’m just really happy that they're doing that, and keeping that alive," Max Conyers, director at Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) said. "Because it's something beautiful and should be preserved, and celebrated, and enjoyed by many people across the world." The live orchestra blended ancient Chinese instruments with classical western instruments, and then integrated the music with the dance. This was one of the outstanding highlights, audience members said. "I was amazed at just the precision of the orchestra and every single movement of the dancers," Yolanda Davis, a business developer, said. "They just were in complete unison. It was beautiful." "I really didn't know what to expect but the color, the choreography is the one thing I’ve just been amazed with," she said. "The music ... it's very complimentary to the movement as well," said Cahill. "The orchestra is fabulous. The singing ... it's very good." "It’s just beautiful sound, and everything in the movements all going together," Reichley said. "It's amazing that the journey you take. Even just in the first hour of seeing the history and the culture, and even a little bit of humor in the way they move and they dance." "It seems really honest and genuine and … You can tell the discipline and the energy, and the love they put into their art," Conyers said. "It's really genuine. I think that comes through the performances." The performance left audience members feeling good. They said they couldn’t wait to share with others about their experience. "I invite everybody to come to this, and I hope they have the time to come because this is really, you'll be inspired from this," Carlos Linares, a professor at Sullivan University, said. "All of these; the music, the dancing, the singing, everything ... it was very inspiring." "The songs, the performance, everything is about ... going to heaven again," Linares said. "And we need to do our best here with what we do right now, and the best of everybody, you help everybody, and being a good person." "I would definitely recommend it," Cahill said. "To all, not only dance professions but also non-dancers." Themes of the divine resonated with some of the audience members. "History and the culture of China, obviously, is through everything," Reichley said. "And then, the belief that there is a higher power that’s obtainable here on earth, to do good and to surrender to, seem to be throughout a lot of the dances." "I think that's reflected in the dance too, that there's a higher power and there's miracle on Earth and above," Conyers said, "and gives us strength and faith to go on and live our lives, and give our strength to others and help humanity overall." "It's kind of like our angels, coming down to help," he said. "We have angels on Earth embodied in people in their acts and their behavior. Some we can see, some we can't. We see miracles everyday I think, we read about them. I think that's reflected in the showmanship on stage." "I would say if you have a chance to come see it, then you know, don't miss it," Davis said. "It's just really a beautiful experience." "It was awesome," Reichley said. "I'm glad my daughter and I came we had a great time." "Just come and see it," said Conyers. "I think it's beautiful and should be enjoyed by everybody." NTD News, Richmond, Kentucky