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Police Station attacked in France

2020-10-14 08:39
French police protested in front of their stations on October 12th. It followed an attack on a police station by assailants in a Paris suburb this weekend. Over 40 assailants attacked the station with metal bars and a barrage of fireworks. Police did not fight back. Champigny neighbourhood police held up shooting targets during the protest. According to police union leader (mee-shayl toe-rees) Michel Thooris, recent attacks against police show how serious anti-police sentiment has become. The Champigny police station is located in a housing estate which the police say is a hub for drug trafficking. These scenes are more and more frequent in France. Fireworks attacks in the country have risen since the summer. Video of some attacks have appeared on social media. Fireworks can cause serious injuries and also set off fires in buildings if they fly through open windows. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said the government wants to amend a security bill defining fireworks as a type of arm and ban their sale, including on the internet. Police unions have denounced it as an inadequate gesture and say more officers are needed on the streets, among other demands. Under the impulse of liberal reforms, judges find alternatives to prison. We have 100,000 unexecuted sentences in France, and a crime rate that is exploding. The penal system does not scare criminals. Macron is due to meet police unions on Thursday in an attempt to quell the simmering discontent. He will also have to answer a question raised in France following those attacks: Does the French State wield any real authority over people committing crimes? Reporting by David Vives, NTD NEWS.