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Four Girls Fight Back After Man Attempts Kidnapping in Michigan

2018-08-15 22:56
Four girls, ages 11 to 14, fought back after a man attempted to kidnap one of them. Surveillance cameras captured 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins watching the four girls inside of a Speedway gas station in Millington on Aug. 10, around 10 p.m. After they left the Speedway, the girls noticed Hipkins following them, so they crossed the street. "They decided to go across the street where the lights are, to a lit area," Millington Police Chief Jason Oliver told WJRT. But Hopkins followed and tried to kidnap one of them on M-15 between Beckwith and Main Street. "He said, 'You're coming with me.' And like, he grabbed my face," Allison Eickhoff, 11, said. "This cannot be happening, like I thought it was a test at first but then I'm like, 'this is real.'" Her sister Lauren Eickhoff, 13, was with her and quickly tried to fight off Hipkins. "I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head. I tried to, I punched him in the head," she said. "Seeing that your little sister was going to get taken is very scary." The sisters said that their father had told them to fight back in any situation where they felt their lives were in danger. Oliver, the police chief, said all the girls worked together to fight off the assailant. "Kicked, screamed, punched, clawed, threw their hot drinks, their slurpees, or whatever they had on them, they did what they needed to do," he said. Hipkins let go of Allison but grabbed another girl, a 14-year-old who was hitting him. "He grabbed another one by the hair after he had let the little one go, and they continued to kick and punch him and scream until they let go and ran off," Oliver said. After Hipkins fled, the girls ran to the Millington Inn, about a block away, and someone there called 911. A deputy located Hipkins just a few minutes later. He confessed to wanting to kidnap one of the girls and was planning to rape her, reported WWMT. He's been charged with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, and two sexual misconduct charges. In the mugshot taken after his arrest, Hipkins's white shirt is stained with what appears to have been coffee. Hipkins's father said that Hipkins has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old, having Aspberger's and attention deficit disorder (ADD), and has been suicidal in the past. Police officers said that the four girls were shaken up but that none were injured.