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Poll Suggests Possibility of Another Silent Red Wave

2018-11-05 23:45
Hello and welcome to the Epoch Times Evening News, I’m your host Angela Anderson. A latest poll has found that Democratic voters, are much more likely to tell others how they intend to vote compared to Republicans. And this gap suggests that there may be a silent red wave, ready to sweep the elections. The survey conducted by RAS-MUSEN (Rasmussen) Reports found that sixty percent of Democrats are more outspoken about their vote, compared to fourty nine percent of the Republicans. This gap has nearly doubled from twenty sixteen, when the difference was only at six points. Rasmussen noted that this is exactly what most pollsters missed during the President’s upset victory in twenty sixteen—the hidden support of voters who “were unwilling to say where they stood” out of fear of being criticized. And now that gap has also widened between the Democrats and UNAFFILIATED voters to twenty points. Rasmussen was the most accurate poll to predict the last presidential election results. And unlike other polls, Rasmussen asks participants to answer questions by pressing a button on their phones, rather than saying their choices out loud. This difference plays a key role for the voters who are unwilling to voice where they stand. Today’s final Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot shows that Republicans are inching ahead by one point—but with a 2 percent margin of error, the polling company says the two parties are essentially tied. At this point, Rasmussen says that Tuesday’s outcome will be determined by the side that shows up to vote more than usual. And that’s all for today on the Epoch Times, please like and subscribe to our channel. See you next time.