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How old is your daughter? square

2018-11-22 20:49
Did Mexico offer you asylum? -Mexico offered me asylum, but in Mexico, the situation for immigrants is very complicated, because of the drug trafficking, human, drugs trafficking. If they realize you are an immigrant, you tend to be kidnapped, extorted, you know what I mean? So the truth is that we left Honduras, and Mexico is good, there are some very good people, very good. But there are also very bad people. So we’ve been living here for 2 months, and we’ve suffered, we’ve truly suffered. My brother and I have suffered of hunger, have suffered for not taking a shower, up to for 6 days, one week. But it was worth it, because we are still alive. If I go back to Honduras, it’s possible that I won’t be able to see my mother again, nor my daughter, nor my wife. These are the risks we assume in order to keep breathing, to have a breath, to be still alive. How old is your daughter? -My girl is 3 months old. When she turned one month old, I left the country. So what’s your plan? What are you going to do? -My plan, since I departed from Honduras, is to keep living, and to keep seeing my girl. That’s the only thing. But do you want to stay in Mexico? -I want to stay well in Mexico, in Mexico. But it’s very complicated because of the drug trafficking. So I’m looking for safety, I’m not looking for a better life, I just look for staying alive and being safe, that’s just it. And you want to go to the US? -Of course I do, because of the safety, because of the safety. There’s not as much crime, not as much corruption, as in other countries, like my country of origin and the country where I am. Do you plan to seek asylum in the US? -I try to fight, I try to pursue, I try to struggle for the asylum. I have evidence, I have many arguments that will help me to be able to arrive and to stay in the US.