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2019-11-15 17:22
NOW WE TURN TO THE LIFE OF A CARVER WHO WON THE WORLD OVER WITH HIS AVOCADO ART. NTD’S SHIWEN RONG HAS THE STORY. One has to be very dedicated to wake up at 5 a.m. and work until midnight every day. I believe when you love something, it's like if you love your job is like you never worked in your in your entire life Daniele Barresi, Born and raised in Italy, now calls Sydney, Australia home. The two-time world champion carving designer grew up as 3rd generation fisherman. But now, he is chasing his passion for artistic fruit carving. their life is a hard life. And thanks to the live inspire me to do even more because I'm a hard worker like a Never Say Never give up He fell in love with the artform 10 years ago, after he saw a beautifully carved pumpkin, and was motivated to create his own. the first artwork For me, is the best, because I really liked it, they gave me inspiration and motivation to go ahead. Each day, he practiced with one goal in mind: to make his passion a reality. His artwork has received heart-warming attention from around the world, which motivates him to continue improving and challenging himself. when I say no, I can't do that. It's not like giving up. And never say I can't do that because I want to try and say well, at least I tried He says he learns through his mistakes, which may not really be mistakes after all. When you make a mistake, never feel frustrated. Think honour focused on it and you you want to end up doing you're going to end up doing something special, His years of hard work paid off in 2017, when his avocado art went viral on Instagram. I'm in love with avocado is like now avocado is a part of my life, I never thought I can do that on an avocado. Now, he is challenging himself to carve other materials, like soap, wax and, silicon - something he never believed he could do before. you need to continue to learn, and if you work hard you will be able to reach it. better to start from the beginning in step by step, reach where you want to reach. Barresi stives to make the impossible, possible.