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Kid Spins Around on Toy and Falls Over After Standing Up

2018-11-02 22:06
his Kid Had Fun Spinning Around Until… This kid sat in a toy at the playground and was spun around. He had a lot of fun but maybe too much? It’s hilarious to watch his reactions afterwards. ----- This Dog Climbs into Trouble A dog from Scotland loves to climb. It got itself in trouble again on July 3, 2018. Its owner, Liam Johnstone, tweeted that it often climbs up the fence. If it struggles in a mess, he whines until it’s lifted back to ground-level. ----- Please Read the Warning Signs While Driving A truck that was too long to navigate California’s Highway 175 tipped and fell over on Oct. 11. There were multiple signs placed on the road warning vehicles longer than 39 feet. This is what might happen when you ignore the warning. Luckily, this driver was not injured. ----- Overloaded Truck Topples Over This happened in Indonesia. A truck was so overloaded that it was barely able to drive normally on the road. Just in a couple minutes, the gravity came into play and the weight finally became too much. Luckily, the driver and the passenger who stood above the sacks of grain were unharmed. ----- Daredevil Almost Died in England A daredevil struggled for his life, regretted for his action, and urged others not to imitate him. Matty Harper jumped off a 71-ft cliff beside the High Force waterfall in Teesdale, England. He was held by the current for a while, and said he’s lucky to be alive still. Local newspaper reported that a teenager drowned 2 years ago swimming in the waters below this fall.