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Hong Kong protesters sing US Anthem to thank Trump

2019-12-03 17:15
Thousands held a parade in Hong Kong on Sunday to thank the American people for passing the Human Rights and Democracy Act.
 Eddy Wong, Protester:
 “Thank you to the American people and thank you President Trump. Thank you.”

 The bill supports the Hong Kong people’s fight for democracy and autonomy. For protesters, it is the latest sign that the US is standing with them.

 Eddy Wong, Protester:
“Without their support I don’t think we could run such a long way”

 The bill means the U.S. will sanction Chinese officials if they undermine basic freedoms in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party reacted angrily to its signing. 

Lee, Protester:
“But I think they can’t do anything because they still need to make a [trade] deal with the Americans.”

 Attendees blamed the city’s six months of unrest on Beijing eroding their rights and freedoms.

 Jack: “They [our freedoms] are definitely deteriorating fast, and we are alert to the situation.”
 Lee: “We are all afraid of the Chinese Communist Party. We need to stand out and fight for our freedom.”

 Attendees waved American flags and held signs thanking the US. The parade paused at the American Consulate where attendees sang The Star-Spangled Banner.

 Paul Greaney, Hong Kong Correspondent: “The values that many Hong Kong people have been fighting for - such as freedom, liberty and democracy - they’ve found in the symbol of the U.S. and the American flag.” 

 All but one of the weekend’s pro-democracy demonstrations ended peacefully. Tensions did escalate at the originally peaceful ‘don’t forget our original intentions’ parade. Police used pepper spray and force against attendees The event was originally approved by police but was made illegal twenty minutes before the scheduled end time.

 Paul Greaney, NTD News, Hong Kong