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Great White Bursts From Water to Eat Fisherman’s Catch

2018-08-13 20:57
Great white sharks are probably the most feared and fearsome predators in the ocean. Even without the movie "Jaws," and all the TV shows displaying the tremendous power, the multiple rows of teeth, the tremendous bite force, and the savage ferocity of their attacks, people would find the idea of the great white scary. This 20-foot eating machine, gliding invisibly, could be stalking any boater or swimmer at any time. The great white embodies the unknown, amplified by the fear of a mouth a yard across and jaws, which could snap a man in two. Of course, in reality, great whites aren’t that interested in humans, their favorite food is seals—or the occasional striped bass, as these fishermen found out. A boatful of fishermen headed out into the coastal waters near Monomoy Island, off the southern tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. One young angler hooked a healthy striped bass, but as he got the four-foot fish close to the boat, the bass fought back. A fellow fisherman leaned over the back of the boat, ready to net or gaff the struggling striper. Totally without a warning an enormous grey shape burst out of the water just a few feet from the two fishermen. It was an enormous great white, snatching up an easy meal of tethered striped bass. The shark thrust its whole head up out of the water, gulped down the striped bass, and disappeared in an instant, leaving two adrenaline-amped fishermen without a catch—but with a fish story that none of their friends are likely to ever equal. And they have video to prove it.