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London Schoolboy goes to school despite flood

2018-10-04 05:59
A bursted water pipe filled the streets of Clapton, flooding all around the River Lea on Oct. 3. The flood's water rose high enough to submerge cars and the ground floor of the properties within a Hackney housing estate, making it difficult for residents to leave their homes. Max Scott Slade, 33, tweeted a recording with his phone from a flat on the upper floor and captured a young school boy knee-deep in water. He is seen with his bag over his shoulder, wearing a beige coloured jacket with his trousers rolled up. Another man wearing a black suit with rolled up trousers climbed out of his window. The 33-year-old said in a tweet that he isn't sure if he will get evacuated but the police said that it is likely, he told the Evening Standard that the water was about two (6 ft.) to three metres (9 ft.) deep. A Twitter user said that Slade should throw in a "blow-up shark there and call it a day," but the water from the pipes don't appear to be drinking water. "I would, but it’s starting to smell of backed up sewage drains now. The pool dream is fading!" said Slade. Thames water said that the they knew about the bursted pipes at around midnight. Engineers had arrived at the site at approximately 3 a.m., but was unable to fix the pipes by 10 a.m. The underground car park filled up as a result.