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Shen Yun 14 Full House Performances Touched The Hearts of New York Audiences

2019-01-24 17:37
Shen Yun has successfully ended its 14 performances at Lincoln Center, New York. The cold weather did not stop thousands of New Yorkers from coming out to see Shen Yun’s uplifting display of traditional Chinese music and dance. “The show is the best show I have ever seen,” said Mrs. Goldstein a former ballerina. “I loved it, I cried. It helps to think there’s a greater glory. The sensitivity, intellect, the knowledge through 5,000 years [and that] all comes out in their performance.” "My heart was pounding, and as a physician I know it wasn't wrong. but I was so excited about this," added Norman Goldstein, an award-winning dermatologist. “It was just wonderful," said Barbara Rosenblat, an actress, and an award-winning narrator. “Two hours, I was not bored for a minute, even the curtain calls when they came out. They just continue to thrill throughout the entire evening.” From music to costumes, to dance and storytelling, the audiences were mesmerized by every aspect of the performance. "I was particularly impressed with the orchestra, was just magnificent," said Ramond Gambardella, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. “It’s different than anything else,” said Marlyn Friedberg, the owner of Friedberg Properties & Associates. “The dancing and the choreography is incredible. The costuming, and I think it's ingenious, how they did the backdrops this time. I’ve never seen anything like that.” “The music has a way with which to take the journey of life and bring about a wonderment that you want to experience again and again,” said Tomaczek Bednarek, an award-winning producer and composer. "I love the costumes, the colors, how the fabric, they get it to flow in the air when they move with the fans and the long sleeves," added Philip Pravda, a luxury men's fashion designer and the CEO of Suitecafe. "It was very, very interesting how they coordinate all the dancing with the fabrics." Shen Yun’s mission is to revive 5,000 years of traditional Chinese civilization through music and dance, starting with its connection to the divine. "Enlightened, because like I said, my education just from what I learned in two and a half hours of being here was truly incredible," said Brian Rosoff, President Omnia Financial, LLC. “It’s also a story of incredible hope and incredible spirit and rising up to the divine, rising up to something greater than yourself, and it is deeply, deeply inspiring," added Rita Cosby an Emmy award-winning television news anchor and correspondent. "I love the way that it was ended. Just that final moment where the waves come up but it stops. And the idea behind the beautifully voiced singer, the soprano, who sang about, all of us being divine, in our own right many of us here are divine beings, that hits home," actor Matthew C. Flynn said. "It's a shame that [not only] the Chinese people but the world, in general, has lost some of the cultures from China," said Louis Lombardo, Former Executive Vice President of American Express. "So I thought this show introduces people to a culture that needs to be refound." "We have to keep the culture, keep the memories, keep the stories, and this [performance] helps," added Mr. Goldstein. The values portrayed on stage have touched the hearts of those in the audience, who expressed their sincere admiration and gratitude to Mr. D.F., the artistic director of Shen Yun. "Congratulations, you have achieved the highest level of performance, and storytelling," said singer Mark Paul, a barbershop quartet singer. "Such hard work that was put into, allowing all of those performers to be at that level. It's so enlightening.” "The work he's done to put all this together. It really just on a whole, makes something really special and beautiful, that hits in a place you can't really describe," added Flynn. "But there's an emotion there that's just kind of like, wow." "Also, I must say, the person who directs this program, who seems to be very, very talented musically," said Bruce Ginsburg, Chairman of the Long Island Rabbi Committee. "I read that he composed much of, [or] all of