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Czech Politician and Composer: Shen Yun is ‘Very Deep

2019-05-05 20:47
Czech politician and composer Michael Kocáb saw Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Eventim Apollo in London on April 27. He said he could hardly believe the technique of the dancers. "And of course, I love how colorful the show is in a way we as Europeans are not familiar with," said Kocáb. "The wonderful combination of colors is unbelievable, as is the output from the dancers whether artistic or perfect dancing, this performance is most certainly the absolute top." Kocáb has had an extensive career as a politician, being instrumental in ending the Soviet occupation of the country in 1989. He also advised Czech president Václav Haval for 20 years. Most recently, in 2009 he was nominated for a ministerial position in the Czech government by the Green party. "I also compose serious classical music, so I admire how Shen Yun's composer managed to connect the old Chinese music with modern influences, creating an amazing orchestral sound, and how he arranged it so well with a relatively small number of instruments making it sound full-bodied and beautiful," he said. "I congratulate him." In ancient China, music was used to treat diseases and heal illness, and researchers today have found evidence that music can indeed provide health benefits. "Yes, I can certainly confirm that, because for me, music has been a medicine my whole life. I was working in high-end politics and in the end I gave it up and returned to music, because I believe that music is the remaining part, the last leftovers or fragments of celestial communication. It is something that all people in the world understand, nobody has to translate it, it is actually the only non-verbal language that connects all mankind." Through about 20 vignettes, Shen Yun takes audience members on a journey to different eras, regions, and into the worlds of famous characters in history and literature, all the way up to the modern era. Shen Yun depicts the devastation wrought by communist rule through its stories about the persecution of practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa in China. However, Shen Yun’s stories of persecution ultimately end in a message of hope—that of goodness overcoming evil and suffering. "For me the Falun Gong pieces were the most important, because in those moments your performance touched on the hottest topic there is in the world, That’s the continuing brutality that China, the Communist China perpetrates," he said."So I admire this performance as it is addressing this subject, especially touching on the forced live organ extraction and other forms of communist violence, something I have devoted my whole life to." "I surely appreciate that this performance actually spreads spirituality among people. I think this has an absolutely essential impact as it informs people about the Chinese approach to spirituality. Also, I greatly admire the joyfulness that permeates the show, it means it's very optimistic, filling one up with goodness, good blessings, and omens for the future, and that is so beautiful. It's an exceptional combination of life, humanity, and the divine," he added. NTD News, London