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Videos of Day-Q&A: Why do you support Trump?

2018-10-29 17:56
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1R5P-fsFq2vftXwC-OjeYZjQzGWPgVxRr HED: Q&A: Why do you support Trump? D26A1117 Mark: He represents traditional American values, and this country has gone so far to the left in the last few decades, you know, we are in danger of losing our basic constitutional rights. He’s going to appoint judges that respect the rule and law and the Constitution, as is with his last two supreme court nominees. And frankly, I think this maybe our last best chance to stop the erosion of our constitutional rights. D26A1128 We're here to support President Trump because we see a man that had a lifestyle that only most of us would dream of. He gave that up for all the criticism, all the slander, all the libel, and all the hate that's given him, trying to make this country the best country it can be. And I think he's doing a pretty good job of that. I am for the border. I think that we are a compassionate country, but I think we also have to be a smart country. We have to take care of the American citizens, we have to take care of the American veterans that have fought these wars to keep our borders free. That is their job to do, to protect us; the president's job is to protect us. I'm standing by President Trump. ----- D26A1137 [[Darrel Hall, Ex-Navy]] I like him because he is not a politician, he’s not a bit corrupted by the political system, you know. And I hope he puts Hillary in prison, I have never forgotten what she has done to this country. D26A1122 [[Shawn Wertin, Tanker-Truck Driver]] I used to be a liberal, democratic. I grew up in Denver, and I came from Colorado. But it’s called “#WalkAway,” we are going all the way with this, so Donald Trump, absolutely number one. ============= https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/17vNltdNeIOyPmKWajmxxi_T5Mo7b15Vx https://www.youmaker.com/acms/videos/video-update/c22871d1-e047-47d9-46cf-d58626601756 Need a new headline HED: Walk Away Rally and March [[Brandon Straka, Walk Away Movement Founder]] I think I may have underestimated me and this movement after this night. The energy in this room is incredible. There are so many people here who came out to support #Walkaway. I think if the left still doesn’t feel it at this point, that this is a very real and substantial movement, they are going to be very surprised on Nov. 6. [[Tracy Diaz, Walk Away March Organizer]] It’s amazing because it’s a movement based off of truth because everybody that’s walked away has found truth, and that’s what caused them to walk away. I think it’s just passionate, and it’s honest, and it’s raw, and it’s beautiful for America. So many paradigms being shattered. [[Jack Posobiec, Oan Host]] The mainstream Democrat party goes so far left that they’ve gone off the cliff. There’s folks that are closer to the center that want something else. And it becomes an emotional need, and it becomes an emotional necessity to walk away from that mess. ============= NA-112SA HED: Trump Orders Flags Flown at Half-Mast After Synagogue Attack ============= https://app.extremereach.com/Delivery/Detail/200822859?includeCategories=True HED: Community Comes Together to Honor Victims of Synagogue Attack