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Actor Dazzled by Brilliant Performance of Shen Yun

2019-03-14 18:51
NEW YORK—Al Sapienza, an actor known for his work in the Sopranos, attended Shen Yun at Lincoln Center in New York on March 12 and was dazzled by the brilliant display of the production. "This is amazing, this really is amazing," said Sapienza. "The dancing is superb, the choreography is superb, and it takes you through this historical journey of Chinese culture that I really didn’t know anything about and it’s just brilliant. It’s brilliantly presented." "It’s really fascinating, and I’d recommend this to anybody," he said. "I took my little 5-year-old. She’s loving it and I saw the ads on the internet and I was really curious to check it out and I’m so glad I did. It’s fabulous." Sapienza was impressed with the skill level and choreography of the performers, the colorful clothing, and immersive backgrounds. "I think they’re incredibly disciplined and trained," said Sapienza. "They’re incredible dancers. They’re a combination of world-class dancers and acrobats. They’re amazing and it’s beautiful. The costumes, the choreography, the way they integrated the technology of the screen with the real actors where they like just all of a sudden are flying and going to the moon. It was pretty brilliant. It was great." Thousands of Years Shen Yun’s portrayal of Chinese culture and history was commended by Sapienza. "This is great, it’s opening up to the whole world what China was about," said Sapienza. "I think it’s beautiful, and I think it’s a great idea. As I said, I wouldn’t have known any of this if I didn’t come to this show and it’s beautiful. And China’s been thousands and thousands of years of culture the world should know about it." Shen Yun is unable to perform in mainland China due to suppression by the Chinese Communist Regime. Sapienza was outspoken on the challenges that Shen Yun faces. "I think it’s going to spread this culture all over the world let people from every other country see what they didn’t know," said Sapienza. "Also I think, I can’t imagine anyone not being of the opinion that you should spread your culture, and you should show this all over the world and it should be celebrated in China. This is your history." "There’s an old saying," he said. "When the government needs to silence their people the government is afraid of something. The government should let the people express whatever they want to express, that’s a real government, that’s a real society. "If you have to stop your people from speaking the government has a problem, and it’s backwards. You should stop your government from speaking the people should always be able to express themselves. It’s their country." NTD News, New York