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45 views • May 30, 2019

A Whole New World & Game of Thrones 冰與火之歌 小提琴大提琴版本 | @吳登凱YoYo Cello & Violin【Cover by AnViolin】

■ 更多林子安: INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/an__official/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/Tzan0825/ WEIBO:http://weibo.com/u/6511795600 各式工作演出邀約請私訊IG或臉書專頁 For business, please send private message to my Instagram or Facebook fan page. ■ 更多【Cover by AnViolin】:https://bit.ly/2vWVtF5 -- 《A Whole New World & Game of Thrones》(電影「阿拉丁」主題曲-嶄新的世界 & 影集「權力遊戲」主題曲)小提琴大提琴版本 | Violin Cover by Lin Tzu An and Cello by Wu Yo Yo of A Whole New World, OST of “Aladdin,” and Main Title from the “Game of Thrones” 我跟大提琴手登凱又來一個合作。 配合上星期阿拉丁電影的上映和權力遊戲第8季大結局,這週是主題曲週。 為了完美勾起大家的童年回憶,而且據說權力遊戲第8季大結局讓劇迷們非常失望,我跟大提琴手登凱決定再度一起合作cover,這絕對不會讓大家失望! 阿拉丁劇情背後其實有很深的意涵,其中覺得最感動的地方就是阿拉丁和茉莉公主改變了看待對方的視角,跳脫外在角色既定印象,而看到對方真實的自我,希望大家可以不要被社會價值或標籤所禁錮,可以跳脫刻板印象,做真正的自己。 「不必為了改變而改變,真心的人愛你,是因為你就是你。」(阿拉丁,2019) 這讓我想到,當初決定到街頭演出時,就是希望可以打破大家對音樂系科班學生畢業之後的就業選擇,我希望透過音樂,可以傳遞溫暖力量給大家。所以我選擇當國家音樂廳的逃犯,走下音樂廳的舞台,站在街頭和大家互動,拉近和大家的距離,拉琴給大家聽,希望大家聽到我的琴聲音樂,可以感到開心幸福感動。 如果你獲得了神燈,你會向精靈許什麼樣的願望呢? 我呢,希望大家二刷三刷很多刷阿拉丁電影的時候,可以刷很多次我的cover! 大家沒有神燈可以許願的話,吹生日蠟燭也有3個願望,或是買健達出奇蛋也可以一次滿足3個願望(非業配,但歡迎廠商們找我贊助XD) 我雖然不是精靈,無法滿足大家所有的願望,但還是歡迎大家留言許願歌單。 這次拍攝cover遇到重重困難,凌晨開拍,但是才要拍就開始下大雨, 上週唯一一次的下雨就是我拍攝那天,所以上週來不及更新cover影片。 最後作為沒有遵守週更影片的賠罪,這句台詞送給大家,也是阿拉丁電影中的台詞:把笑容掛在臉上,自信披在身上,堅強放在心上,命運握在手上。 歡迎大家在沒有下雨的週末到信義區香堤大道,聽這些cover歌曲的live版!詳細演出相關資訊,我都會更新在我的Instagram 限時動態! -- Here comes my weekly updated cover. This week is the week for soundtracks : A Whole New World, OST of “Aladdin,” and Main Title from the “Game of Thrones,” both of which were officially released last week. To perfectly represent everyone's childhood memories, and it is said that fans were disappointed to the finale of the power game season 8, I decided to cooperate again with my cello partner Wu Yo Yo, which will definitely make everyone satisfied ! I’m touched by the meaning behind Aladdin when Aladdin and Jasmine changed their perspectives, broke the stereotypes established and finally saw each other’s true inner self. May each one of you free from the stereotypes of social standards, be true to yourself and respect other’s uniqueness. ”Never change for the sake of change; those who are true will always love you for who you are” (Aladdin 2019) This reminds me of my decision of being a busker. Instead of playing at National Concert Hall and being the best violinist, the expected career path from the society toward those majoring in music, I chose to performing as a busker, passing the healing power of music, getting closer to everyone, and sharing my music and the touching moments with everyone. What would you do if you get Aladdin’s lamp? I just hope ya’ll enjoy my cover. Though I am not Genie that can make your dream come true, the only thing I can do is playing the requested song for you. There were soooo many unexpected obstacles about the filming of this cover. It was supposed to film in the early morning, but started to rain heavily. Due to the super heavy rain, the cover was delayed. As for making up for not keeping the promise of updating my cover on time, here is another line I love from Aladdin “wear your smile on the face, carry your confidence on the shoulder, keep courage in your heart, and hold destiny in your hand.” Should you have any request regarding cover songs, just comment below and let me know. Also please share the video and subscribe to my channel https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ. Don't forget to click the 🔔 bell to be notified when my videos come out! Another week, another cover. Let's goooo, hope yall like this! -- 和聲編排 Harmony Arrangement: 林子安 Lin Tzu An、吳登凱 Wu Yo Yo 小提琴 Violin: 林子安 Lin Tzu An 大提琴 Cello: 吳登凱 Wu Yo Yo 攝影師剪接師 Photographer & Film editor: Santon.W 文字編輯 Social media editor/manager: Lily Wu -- 【Cover by AnViolin】每週上傳新的小提琴cover影片, 喜歡的話請訂閱我的頻道 https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ 也記得按讚留言分享給你家人朋友看! 也記得開啟🔔訂閱通知,按讚留言分享給你家人朋友看喔! 如果你喜歡我的影片也歡迎贊助我,讓我有更多資源去提升畫面與音樂。 Paypal : https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin For Sponsorship:https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin 還想看子安cover什麼歌?留言跟我說 ! -- #阿拉丁 #權力遊戲 #AWholeNewWorld #阿拉丁violin #阿拉丁cello #阿拉丁小提琴 #阿拉丁大提琴 #阿拉丁violincover #阿拉丁cellocover #AWholeNewWorldviolin #AWholeNewWorldcello #AWholeNewWorldviolinco
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