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'I feel inspired' Executive Producer Admires Shen Yun's Artistic Director

2019-03-29 19:14
The final performance of Shen Yun in Purchase, New York, ended with a resounding applause from the audience. Eric Carpenter is the Executive Producer at Invision Communications. He said he was very moved by this production. "I am so impressed," said Carpenter. "I think the classical training combined to [with] the historical references and things I'm learning about the Chinese culture have just been really impressive. It’s very emotional as well, very moving," he added. "[What] moved me was the story, the history, the dancing, just how the choreography is ... so beautiful. Everybody's on time, they match up perfectly." "The music, the choreography, just the whole emotional experience is really quite wonderful," he said. He was deeply impressed by the Shen Yun’s unique orchestra. "They’re exceptional. The musicianship is exceptional. I think the music ... I love hearing the different types of instruments too, not just the standard things you hear here in [the] United States but things that are specific to Chinese music. The certain type of instruments I'm hearing, which it lends itself to this very well," said Carpenter. Since the Communist Party seized power in 1949, they have systematically destroyed ancient Chinese culture, a tragedy that is still playing out today. Carpenter said he appreciates Shen Yun's efforts to revive China's ancient culture and communicate the challenged this culture faces today in China. "How the government and the communism [is] about the culture, about clamping down on the arts and not allowing it to be free," he said. "And the fact that they're expressing that so that everybody can learn what it's really like and what the people are going through." He added, "You hear it differently here in the United States than actually hearing it from the people. You’re hearing the story. It's important for us to hear, it’s important for us to learn that." "I feel inspired when I came out there, just because, again it's the performance, it’s the music, it's understanding the history of where this started and how far back it goes," said Carpenter. This beautiful production made an unforgettable impression on Carpenter after which he expressed his deepest gratitude to Shen Yun's artistic director. "Congratulations on a beautiful production," Carpenter said. "You've really impressed me. I've seen a lot of shows. I go to ballets a lot, I see a lot of theater, and I'm walking away from this very impressed. And I’ll see this again, I'll come back and see it again, next year, the year after." "My daughter is with me, she's a dancer. She's very impressed. She’s a ballet dancer, she sixteen. She looked at me, she said: ‘This is really wonderful.’ So I love sharing that with her." NTD News, Purchase, New York