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Shen Yun Transmit 'Beauiful Positive Energy' to Audience, Says Well-Known Comedian

2019-04-30 17:20
Shen Yun started its 10 performances in Newark, New Jersey, on April 28. Jeffrey Gurian is a well-known comedian and a former Dentist professor. He has been waiting to see Shen Yun for years and said the performance was beyond amazing. "Every aspect of the show, from the moment you sit down, when the curtain comes up, and you see those colors, and the stories, and the background, and the level of talent is beyond amazing," said Gurian. "The fact that the synchronicity, the coordination ... it's hard to put it into words, I've never seen anything to that level of talent." "There was the feasts of colors, feast of dance, and my eyes, my ears, my soul fed on all of these amazing talents and show," said Bloomberg Finance anchor, Melike Ayan. "The elegance, the style, the girls, they were dancing like they were dancing on air which made me want to cry. Shen Yun draws inspiration from China’s 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture, and portrays it through story-based dances. The audience appreciated Shen Yun's uplifting message that unites people. "It was a very spiritual show too I should say that," said Gurian. "It gives you a feeling in your heart. Everyone sitting around me, the entire audience was just filled with joy. That's how you feel when you see a show like this." He added, "This needs to be seen all over the world, because this is the kind of show that brings people together from all different backgrounds." "It is such an insightful experience and I love the name, the meaning Shen Yun, the divine, choreography, dance, all of it. We as human we need to remember to be connected to the divine being and this was just such a perfect vehicle to remember it," said Ayan. Gurian also felt positive energy delivered by the performers. "All the performers transmit beautiful positive energy, that's the essence of the show. Is that it transfers positive energy to the audience, and then each person that leaves brings that energy to the rest of the world. So it's a beautiful thing," he said. NTD News, Newark, New Jersey