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Immigrant Caravan Reaches Arriaga, Mexico

2018-10-27 12:41
Members of the migrant caravan have begun arriving in Arriaga, Mexico. This is just the latest stop on their exhausting trek towards the United States. It's actually one of the longest journeys today, about 16 miles and people we encounter on the road were absolutely spent. Those who could not find a car to ride on top of, or a bus to jump on, had to walk. And in the heat of the day they left very early. But as soon as the sun came up they became incredibly hot. Their shoes were falling apart and people said they were just exhausted. It's unclear how many will be able to complete this journey but there are still thousands of people here. And even though they have heard about the threats from Donald Trump that he is sending the military to theU.S. border with Mexico, that he will not let anybody in this caravan cross into the United States, they say they'll continue to persist... that the conditions back in their home countries, particularly in Honduras where so many of the people from this migrant caravan hail from or do not allow them to return. It's simply too dangerous, too corrupt and there is no future there. So they continue to head forward not knowing exactly what awaits them in the United States.