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Chinese Man Calls For Non-Cooperation Movement to End the Chinese Communist Party

2020-03-03 13:56
Chinese authorities ordered companies to resume operations in mid-February, but there is still a high risk of COVID-19 infections if people go back to work. "[Chinese Communist Party (CCP),] we will not cooperate with you. In the past several decades, don’t you always claim that you feed and support the more than one billion Chinese people? Now, Chinese Communist Party, it’s time for you to show us your great capability! We ordinary people need to protect ourselves amid the coronavirus outbreak. We ask that you stand up to feed and support the 1.4 billion Chinese people! We will not return to work! Don’t you always claim that “Wherever there is hardship, there are Communist Party members?” Now there are many places experiencing severe hardships. The virus-stricken areas are calling for the Party members and we ask that you, Party cadres and Party members, go there first. In face of such a calamity, other countries will subsidize their people with disaster relief, to help them maintain a basic living standard. What are you CCP doing now? You are robbing people’s resources, supplies, and trying to make a fortune when there is a nation-wide catastrophe going on! If we all refuse to return to work, it will only take one month to put an end to the CCP. I will definitely persevere in this non-cooperation movement to the very end. "