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"Whatever you do is okay with me" - Trump to May on Brexit

2018-07-13 14:50
"Well I also want to thank Prime Minister May for pursuing fair and reciprocal trade with the United States. Once the Brexit process is concluded and perhaps the UK has left the EU - I don't know what they're going to do. But whatever you do is okay with me. That's your decision. Whatever you're going to do is OK with us. Just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters. The United States looks forward to finalising a great bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom. This is an incredible opportunity for our two countries and we will seize it fully. We support the decision of the British people to realise full self-government and we will see how that goes. Very complicated negotiation and not an easy negotiation that's for sure. A strong and independent United Kingdom like a strong and independent United States is truly a blessing on the world. Prime Minister May I want to thank you again for the honour of visiting the United Kingdom - a special place. My mother was born here. So it means something maybe just a little bit extra - maybe even a lot extra. And we had a wonderful visit. Last night I think I got to know the prime minister better than at any time. We spent a lot of time together over a year and a half. But last night, we really I was very embarrassed for the rest of the table, but we just talked about lots of different problems and solutions to those problems and it was a great evening. As we stand together this afternoon at Chequers we continue a long tradition of friendship collaboration and affection between ourselves and also between our people. The enduring relationship between our nations has never been stronger than it is now. So madam prime minister thank you very much. It's been an honour. Thank you."