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624 views • September 4, 2021

你一定聽過!馬斯奈 《泰伊絲冥想曲》 J. Massenet: Meditation from Thais 歌劇 大提琴版本 Cello Cover 『cover by YoYo Cello』【古典】

吳登凱YoYo Cello
J. Massenet: Meditation from Thais 馬斯奈 《泰伊絲冥想曲》 這次演奏的曲目是我自己很喜歡的 《泰伊絲冥想曲》 J. Massenet: Meditation from Thais ,頻道也蠻久沒有演奏純古典的曲目了,來平衡一下XD分享一下這首我自己很喜歡的曲目,每次演奏時心都會感到很平靜 歌劇《泰伊思》創作於1893年,以公元四世紀古埃及名城亞歷山大,講述了一位在沙漠中修行的修道士拯救女幽靈Thais的宗教故事。修道士冒險進城將沉迷於紙醉金迷生活中的名妓Thais帶出,並苦苦勸告她離開花紅酒綠的交際圈。Thais受到修道士的感化,擺脫縱情享樂的世俗生活,皈依宗教,入修道院當修女。但修道士卻被Thais的青春美麗所打動,愛上了Thais。在上帝和愛情之間,修道士倍受折磨,於是選擇逃離修道院遊走四方。但最終他擺脫不了對Thais的思念,回到了Thais身旁。此時Thais在修道院裡獲得了寧靜,同時也徹底失去了人間的歡樂,最終她帶著一種複雜的心情離開了人世。在她已病入膏肓彌留之際,修道士匍匐在愛情腳下。修道士成了罪人,罪人泰伊思的靈魂卻升入了天堂。 喜歡我的影片可以幫我點讚留言分享喔! 吳登凱YoYo Cello 如果您有餘力,請贊助我讓我有更多資源去做出更好的音樂分享給更多人欣賞! (歐付寶支付) https://payment.opay.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/BCAFF9E9D687672949A6A3D73A281151 PayPal: https://paypal.me/wuyoyocello?locale.x=zh_TW If you have spare time / more resources, please sponsor me so that I have more resources to make better music! (Opay pays): https://payment.opay.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/BCAFF9E9D687672949A6A3D73A281151 PayPal: https://paypal.me/wuyoyocello?locale.x=zh_TW 大提琴Cello : 吳登凱YoYo 攝影剪輯Photographer & Editor : Santon.W 目前沒意外的話每週六晚上八點半固定更新影片! 如果喜歡我的影片 記得幫我分享訂閱 並且打開🔔訂閱通知 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFginbPWv3Mvu_CZLJyMuw/?sub_confirmation=1 更多 吳登凱 YoYo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoyo_cello/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/吳登凱Wu-Deng-KaiYoYo-2078457269042638/ 各式演出邀約請私訊instagram或email我的信箱: yoyo132365@yahoo.com.tw If you have spare time / more resources, please sponsor me so that I have more resources to make better music! (Opay pays): https://payment.opay.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/BCAFF9E9D687672949A6A3D73A281151 The repertoire I played this time is my favorite "Meditation from Thais" J. Massenet: Meditation from Thais. The channel hasn’t played a purely classical repertoire for a long time. Let’s balance it out and share this one I like very much. , My heart feels calm every time I play The opera "Taisi" was created in 1893 and is based on the famous ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria in the fourth century AD. It tells the religious story of a monk practicing in the desert saving the ghost Thais. The monk ventured into the city to take out the famous prostitute Thais who was addicted to the life of drunken gold and gold, and persuaded her to leave the colorful social circle. Under the influence of monks, Thais got rid of the secular life of indulgence, converted to religion, and became a nun in a monastery. But the monk was moved by the youthful beauty of Thais and fell in love with Thais. Between God and love, the monk was tortured, so he chose to escape from the monastery and wander around. But in the end he couldn't get rid of the miss of Thais and returned to Thais. At this time, Thais gained peace in the monastery, and at the same time completely lost the joy of the world. In the end, she passed away with a complicated mood. When she was dying of illness, the monk crawled at the feet of love. The monk became a sinner, but the soul of the sinner Taisi ascended to heaven. Like and share my video if you like it !! Cellist : YoYo Video taken and edit by: Santon. W I will upload my new video every Saturday, at 8.30pm. If you do like my video, Don't forget to subscribe my channel and switch on the notification bell🔔 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFginbPWv3Mvu_CZLJyMuw/?sub_confirmation=1 More about YoYo: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoyo_cello/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/%E5%90%B3%E7%99%BB%E5%87%B1Wu-Deng-KaiYoYo-2078457269042638/ For any performances invitation, please do inbox my Instagram or email me at: yoyo132365@yahoo.com.tw
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