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Old homeless man beaten by management team

2020-03-03 22:50
Old homeless man beaten by management team Man and woman: Hello, uncle. Woman: How is your health today? Elderly Man: Not good. I did not sleep at all last night. Woman: Do you think you need to go to a hospital? Elderly Man: My legs hurt from the fall. Some of my stuff was destroyed as well. Woman: Did you have an injury on your leg before? Or is it a new injury? Elderly Man: From the fall yesterday. Woman: From the fall yesterday? Elderly Man: A nail underneath my feet when I fell to the ground.. Woman: Oh, from the fall yesterday, or a previous injury? Elderly Man: Yesterday, here, now I can hear the sound “Kwang...Kwang... Kwang…” Woman: I mean, were you lame before? Elderly Man: Hold on, hold on. Let me get my walking stick. Woman: You have a walking stick, so you had leg problems before, right? Elderly Man: No. Woman: No. So it was from the fall yesterday? Elderly Man: Umm (Yes). Woman: Be careful, be careful. Do you feel you need to go to a hospital? Elderly Man: Do you know, my goal each day is simply to live through this day. I don’t plan to go see a doctor. Man: Uncle, do you know who it was who beat you? Elderly Man: I do. Man: Who was he? Elderly Man: Manager Zhu of the building management team. My tricycle was locked, he cut the lock chain with scissors. When I went back after I bought something from a store, I fell and he beat me on the legs. Woman: Yes. We saw it all. Elderly Man: Another person is Ma Jun. I am not sure if his name is Li Jun or Ma Jun. Still another is a guard. My leg is lame now from the beating. Man: Are all of them from the building management team? Elderly Man: They are the leaders of the building management team. Comments: fromTwitter Michael Lin: Communist bandits are worse than beasts. DanielL08236798 Such tragedies have been going on for 70 years, and they are the result of all Chinese people remaining silent. In Western countries, such a regime would have collapsed a long time ago. Snow Cool: If you don’t explain to me who they were, I would think they are mafia-like triads. Cat Yau: I pray to God to punish these devils. Comments: from Weibo Rainy_Yuyyy: This older man must be in dire straits when he has to go out scavenging during a coronavirus outbreak. How ruthless these people are, to beat and bully an unarmed older man, and take away the only tool he has to make a living in the name of maintaining social order. His tricycle is likely his sole asset. He relies on it to make a living. He desperately held onto his tricycle, trying to protect it, even when beaten to the ground. It was a coincidence that someone happened to catch it on video. There must be many similar incidents happening (in China), but no one gets to witness them. To the man in the black hat dragging the older man back and forth. Are you still a human being? Do you have parents? The older man struggled to stand up, and you pushed him down to the ground again and dragged him around. He got covered in dirt, and his pants became loose during the beating. His legs were injured, and now he is lame. Do you still have a conscience? You used the excuse that scavenging during the coronavirus outbreak is not allowed. Firstly, he is not a COVID-19 patient; second, he was wearing a mask, and third, he would either recycle the waste he collected or take it home.