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Writer Inspired by Traditional Chinese Culture and History

2019-03-17 18:47
Audience members appreciated the dynamic aspects of Shen Yun’s vibrant performance at Lincoln Center in New York on March 14. "I think it’s beautiful," said Monica Graff, a travel and essay writer. "It’s amazing, all of the colors and the delicate dance, and the music is amazing." "I felt invigorated, and inspired, and I felt moved," said Graff. "I felt moved by the story and the history and learning about the culture and the dance." "It helped me understand more about different ethnicities, different cultures, traditions, and people," she said. "And I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is we all have stories that tell us about our existence here on earth and how we can help each other. "And that we’re really much more alike than we are different." Extravagant Depth "I liked it very much," said Craig Matthews, the former president of a large utility company. "My wife and I have been to China and we saw some similar dancing, but not nearly as extravagant and as beautiful as this. The color, the costumes, the dancing the variety of the show, it’s very enjoyable. We’re liking it very much." "I love the men and their acrobatics, and their flips, and everything," said Matthews. "And the women are incredibly graceful, and beautifully costumed." "An overall wonderful performance," he said. "The depth of the performance expanded understandings of traditional Chinese culture and history. "I would hope that China opens up more to Western ideas and giving people more freedoms to enjoy wonderful talents like this," said Matthews. "I’d love to see that happen." "I’d say keep it up, and I hope one day that you’ll be doing this dance in China," he said. Splendid Value Lorraine Oler, a board member of Martha Graham Dance Company, was enthralled with the performance. "I thought it was spectacular," said Oler. "I thought the production value was splendid. The costumes were beautiful and colorful the technique was perfect. Hearing that live orchestra was a real treat. And I think overall it was entertaining throughout." "It definitely broadened my horizon, and it exposed me to a culture that I wasn’t as familiar with as I had once thought," said Oler. NTD News, New York