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Footage shows amazing moment pool player had ball potted by a friend who volleyed it into the pocket

2018-05-31 11:12
NTIPOOL – By Arun Lal News Team - 0121 712 1950 (words) 0117 9066 552 (pics) news.desk@newsteam.co.uk This is the amazing moment a pool player pulled off the ultimate trick shot – after his ball was potted by a spectator who KICKED it into the pocket. Phil Salt, 50, over hit the cue ball which ricocheted off a colour and a cushion sending it flying into the air. The ball hurtled towards Phil’s pal Shaun Baker, 35, who was watching the game, and he instinctively volleyed the ball with his left foot. Footage from the pub’s security cameras captured the moment the ball landed back on the table, hit a colour and rolled into the middle pocket. Shaun, a business planner at JCB, has hailed the shot a “once in a lifetime” occurrence after it happened the Cross Keys pub, Tean, Staffs., last Thursday (10/5). Dad-of-one Shaun, from Tean, said: "We always have a bit of a practise before the other team turns up. "You obviously don't expect a ball to pop off the table like that, it doesn't happen very often. "It just kind of came my way and my first instinct was to kick out with my left foot. "Amazingly it just popped up and ended up pocketing the other ball. "Phil was gobsmacked, to be honest it was a really poor shot from him. "The whole pub went mad with people cheering. It was a once in a lifetime occurrence which people wouldn’t believe unless they saw it for themselves. "Everyone's been talking about it, I put it on my Facebook on the day just for a laugh and it got shared hundreds of times." Landlord Adam Moult, 48, who runs the pub with his wife Sue, 36, said he’s never seen anything like it before. He said: "As you can see Phil over-hits the shot and it bounces off the cushion and Shaun instinctively flicks his foot at it. "The ball then hits another one on the table and it goes in – it was truly a one in a million shot. "I've never seen anything like it before in my life – we don’t really do trick shots or even practise them, maybe we should start. "After the shot we all had a big laugh and joke about it - after my wife came down and asked what happened. "When I told her, she said the CCTV might have caught it, so she pulled it up on her phone and there it was. "Shaun took a recording of my wife’s phone from his – so he could have a copy of his amazing shot." ENDS