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Arizona---River boat collision body recovered

2018-09-04 21:52
LOPEZ says: "They've been basically just sweeping the river, kind of swimming in a line and just slowly looking at the river, looking along the pylons or the bridges- checking along there and checking along the shoreline." PICTURES AND VIDEO SHOWING AN ANXIOUS SCENE AS RESCUERS CONTINUED THEIR TASK MONDAY. EARLY THIS MORNING, THE BODY 51 YEAR OLD CHRISTINE LEWIS, A CALIFORNIA NURSE WAS FOUND AT 7:30 THIS MORNING. LOPEZ says: "They're running back and forth, they're getting on the boat, they're reloading their oxygen tank and their going back out there. // They're hurting right now. They're worried about their loved ones and they're hoping that they are found and they're thankful that there's a lot of good people helping along the river." ALL OF THIS, A RESULT OF A CRASH SATURDAY NIGHT... THE BOAT CARRYING TEN PEOPLE CRASHED INTO ANOTHER BOAT CARRYING SIX OTHERS. 9 PEOPLE WERE SERIOUSLY HURT, SOME WERE PULLED OUT OF THE WATER BY PASSING BOATERS IN A CROWDED STRETCH OF THE COLORADO RIVER. LOPEZ says: "This part of the area where the crash occurred between Pirate's Cove Resort and Topock 66 Marina, a lot of boaters come through here. They enjoy the river and it gets pretty busy out here during the summer."