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Model makers create magic with elastic bands

2018-08-02 00:06
A Ukrainian model-making company is finding huge success with traditional gadgets. They make wooden horses, cars, steam trains and even musical instruments all powered not by electricity, but by gears, cranks and rubber bands. SOUNDBITE [Stanislav Shevchenko, designer at Ugears] "This is the model of a musical instrument called wheel lyre or Hurdy-Gardy. It can be assembled by hand and it is also a true musical instrument. It has strings that make sounds if you turn the handle." SOUNDBITE [Gennady Shestak, Ceo and Co-founder of Ugears] "People have a need to create something by themselves. In this, they want to have a ready-made solution. Our puzzles don't need to be cut out, they don't need glue, adjustment of details etc. The quality is really high." SOUNDBITE [Stanislav Shevchenko, designer at Ugears] "The idea (of new models) can be brought from different sources. Even our client can say what kind of model he wants. We listen to the views of clients. We develop the model's conception, prototyping, create interesting mechanisms and always try to put something new into the model. After that we strive to make it beautiful as well." SOUNDBITE [Gennady Shestak, Ceo and Co-founder of Ugears] "The second interesting thing is that rubber bands drive the motors here. This type of drive has probably been known since the middle of 20th century or even earlier. Electric motors or simple software could easily be installed here. But it wouldn't be the same if that was done. It wouldn't be that kind of so-called magic that we have in our models."