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Audience Members Praise Shen Yun in Los Angeles

2019-04-19 19:18
"Absolutely loved" was how Shelley Klipp described Shen Yun after seeing the performance on April 13. "I loved it. I absolutely loved it," said Shelley Klipp, director of administration and finance. "I was surprised, I didn’t know it involved … I knew it involved history, but I didn’t know where it was gonna go, the way that it went, and so, I was intrigued by that. I was pleasantly surprised by that." "The costumes are unbelievable, the choreography, the action of all the dancers as a troop is unbelievable," said John Aylyng, a business owner. "Technically it's beautiful. The orchestra is phenomenal. it’s so rare to hear oboes, things like that, french horns, and to hear them live is unbelievably wonderful. All fits so well together, The way the music, the dance, and production, and everything works together. It’s unbelievable." "I like that the dances tell a story. One of them has a human rights message, some of them are whimsical, they’re amusing, they’re funny," said Stuart Wolpert, UCLA science writer and media representative. "Some of them are more poignant, more serious. But each one has a story to it and that’s interesting. I love the backdrops. The backdrops are really magnificent. And the fact that the performers go onto the backdrops, and walk around and dance. There’s one where there’s a painting and a performer adds to the painting. There’s one that has a waterfall, the water’s flowing, there’s one that has birds that are flying. So the backdrops are really beautiful, the costumes are beautiful, the music, the orchestra. So, it’s a very nice combination of music and dance and storytelling." According to its program book, New York-based Shen Yun’s performance of 20 vignettes of classical Chinese dance and musical soloists bring the story of the origins of this divinely inspired culture to the present day. The audience said the performance showed them the real side of China. "And to see traditional Chinese values and Chinese thinking, being brought to me, is really refreshing," Aylyng said. "Really important, I really enjoyed it. It has been a real good experience to see the Chinese from a totally different standpoint." "My wife and I spent six months in China, but under the current government. To see what you might call the real China, displayed with it’s arts and its philosophy, is really a great relief," he added. NTD News,  Los Angeles