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So you are making decisions as a group?

2018-11-22 19:10
So you are making decisions as a group? -SG: Exactly, because we came all united. Someone’s pain is everyone’s pain. Someone’s tears are everyone’s tears. So we are united, and God knows what He will do with us. Are you planning to seek asylum in the US? -SG: Well, let’s say, each will make their own decision. Not all of us was ‘accept the political asylum’. No, the decision rests with each of us. It’s personal. So depends on the person to accept it or not. Because the idea is to cross all together to the US. Not just one or two, but all together. But several people accepted the political asylum. -RC: Yes, what she just said. Some people are desperate, other people make other decisions. But most people, I guess, will accept the political asylum. So everyone in the caravan will seek…? -RC: Let’s hope everything goes well when the process for the political asylum begins. Are you traveling alone or with family? -SG: In my case, it’s just me. Do you have family in Honduras? -SG: Yes, all my family stayed in Honduras. Children, husband? -SG: No, thank God, no. And you? -RC: I come alone. And there in Honduras stayed my mother, my father, my brother. And my wife with my kids, thank to God, are already in the US. How old are your kids? -RC: My boy is one year old, and my girl is three. And my other baby that is about to be born. When will he be born? -RC: We are in November, right? He will be born in February.