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Footprints of Biggest Dinosaur Ever to Walk the Earth Found in Scotland

2018-04-03 19:35
The biggest dinosaurs ever to have lived left footprints 170 million years ago that were only recently discovered by scientists in Scotland. Early sauropods - the largest animals ever to walk the planet - stomped along a lagoon on the remote Scottish hideaway of the Isle of Skye, according to Dr. Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh's School of GeoSciences. "The more we look on the Isle of Skye, the more dinosaur footprints we find," said Dr. Brusatte. Scientists also discovered sharp-clawed footprints made by the older meat-eating cousins of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The impressions these primeval beasts made on the ground are important because they provide rare and important insight into the Middle Jurassic era–a period about which relatively little is known. Watch the video below, which shows in vivid detail the footprints that have been discovered, and reveals little-known facts about the life of the biggest dinosaur that ever lived.