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Scaramucci Still Loves President Trump, But Hates the Swamp

2018-10-26 18:16
Anthony Scaramucci presented his new book “Trump: the Blue-Collar President,” at an event in New York City. The former White House director of communications wrote about how President Trump managed to invigorate a segment of Americans that felt ignored by previous administrations. “It wasn’t until I got on the campaign that I realized, wait a minute, he’s talking to the people I grew up with, and the people I grew up with aren’t doing so well.” There is a large swath of people in so-called flyover America who are often misunderstood by news outlets, academics, and politicians. Scaramucci is an American financier, entrepreneur, and a one-time White House director of communications. He said his understanding of blue-collar America evolved, as well as his understanding of Trump’s base. He was fired from his White House role after just 11 days. He holds no hard feelings about the firing, although he says he wishes it could have been done in a less public manner. He’s stood by his support of Trump. “I came from this blue-collared neighborhood, but I got rich,” “And as a result of me getting rich, I tunneled into my little confirmed bias-rich treehouse, and I missed what was going on down on the ground.” “I really missed what was going on in the flyover states in middle America. So, part of that book is a revelatory observation, but also an indictment of myself.” This experience, he said, is something that others may be able to learn from. In middle America, the average blue-collar worker lives in a different world than those in big cities. Many of these Americans live in a state of what Scaramucci calls “economic desperation.” It’s these individuals, the struggling middle-class Americans, that often support Trump with the vigor seen at his rallies. “You realize that they’re looking at us and saying, ‘The establishment has failed me. I’d like to try something new, please.’” Some of this comes from his own observations of the president at work. He said Trump is a “no-nonsense guy that’s trying to do the right thing for a very large group of people.” “I’ve seen him in action, away from the cameras, away from the hysteria, away from the theatrics—I’ve seen him in action and he’s very well-intended.” Scaramucci also noticed that much of Washington had lost sight of the issues that average Americans care about. He said that past administrations focused on international trade deals designed to create an international interdependence. He said the globalist system had the effect of hollowing-out manufacturing centers in the United States.