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6 views • November 17, 2021


🔊Japanese start-up uses turbine to harness typhoon energy 日本新創公司利用颱風使風力發電機發電 [可開啟中文字幕] Japanese start-up, Challenergy, is hoping it can harness energy from typhoons and tropical storms to generate power, and is testing the concept in the country's southwestern Okinawa prefecture and the Philippines. 日本新創公司 Challenergy 希望能夠利用來自颱風和熱帶風暴的能量來發電,並正在日本西南部的沖繩縣和菲律賓測試這一概念。 Japan experiences on average 26 typhoons and tropical storms a year. Meteorologists say they are getting more frequent and more powerful with climate change, making the future development of wind power much more challenging. 日本平均一年就有26個颱風和熱帶風暴造訪。氣象學家表示,隨著氣候變化,它們變得越來越頻繁、越來越強大,這使得風力發電的發展之路變得非常艱難。 "If we can just partially leverage the vast energy brought by typhoons, we can in a way consider typhoons not just as disasters, but as a source of energy", said Challenergy CEO, Atsushi Shimizu. Challenergy執行長清水敦史說:「如果我們能部分利用颱風帶來的巨大能量,我們就能在某種程度上將颱風不再視為只是災難,而是一種能源。」 Challenergy's "Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" has ditched pointed blades for upright square ones that spin on a horizontal axis to the direction of the wind. 該公司的馬格努斯垂直軸風力發電機捨棄傳統尖頭葉片,改採順應風向、繞水平軸旋轉的直立方形葉片。 "The vertical axis makes it possible to not be affected by wind direction. By using the Magnus system instead of a propeller, the system can be controlled safely to a certain extent even in strong winds without going out of control, and also generate electricity", said Challenergy CEO, Atsushi Shimizu. Challenergy執行長清水敦史說:「垂直軸使葉片不再受到風向影響。通過使用馬格努斯系統代替螺旋槳,能夠在一定程度上安全的控制。即使在強風中,也能不失控,而且還可以發電。」 This wind turbine could become Japan's source of green energy, as governments and companies globally rush to install as much renewable energy capacity as possible to cut carbon emissions. 這個風力發電機可能成為日本的綠色能源來源。全世界的政府和企業都盡可能的擁有可再生能源的產能,以減少碳排放。 harness (v.) 利用…的動力 prefecture (n.) 縣,州,區 meteorologist (n) 氣象學家 axis (n.) 軸(線);中心線 ditch (v.) 拋棄 來源:Reuters 編譯:Ariel Shen (Washington, D.C.) 主編:William Chen (CAN) 配音:Eddie Wei (CAN) 🔠【大千英語新聞】播放清單歡迎+到媒體庫 http://bit.ly/3b9y352 細選自國際上新奇、趣味、具指標性的新聞報導,通過閱讀、收聽與影像記憶等多功能加速學習。短短的影片,讓忙碌的現代人也能通勤學英文,天天練聽力。在台灣迎向國際的浪潮下,看大千學英文培植國際素養,是普羅大眾快樂的好幫手。 🔔請訂閱我們 https://youtube.com/user/NTDAmazingWorld 🆗再開啟小鈴鐺 ✅定時來點正成長喔 官方網站👉https://www.ntdtv.com.tw/program/大千世界
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