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2018-11-11 19:32
RAY PARKER SENIOR BLEW OUT HIS 100TH BIRTHDAY CANDLES SURROUNDED BY THREE GENERATIONS OF HIS FAMILY ON FRIDAY -- LEAVING YET ANOTHER SWEET MEMORY FOR THIS GROUP TO CHERISH. RAY PARKER JR. says: "There`s no better way than with great grandchildren, and aunts, and uncles, and sisters, and children." RAY SENIOR ENLISTED IN THE U.S. ARMY IN 1944 - SPENDING MOST OF HIS SERVICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. AND FOR A MAN THAT SURVIVED A WAR AND SPENT A CENTURY ON THIS EARTH - HE'S STILL MOVING PRETTY GOOD. DULEY says: "His mind is sharp and clear. He knows addresses from back when he was living in St. Joe. He could spit those numbers of the addresses out to you." BUT HE DOES STRUGGLE TO DO ONE THING. RAY PARKER SR. says: "I can`t hear you." LUCKILY HIS 96- YEAR- OLD SISTER WAS HERE TO HELP HIM OUT. (NATS "You bought me and Virginia our winter coats. Yeah.") EVEN THOUGH MR. PARKER'S HEARING HAS FADED - HIS PRESENCE IN THE FAMILY HAS NOT. RODNEY PARKER says: "I still ask him for advice even yet today. I asked him for advice last week, and at 100 years old, he still gives me advice so a lot of us would love to be able to do that kind of a thing but not all of us can." AND WITH VETERANS DAY JUST AROUND THE CORNER - THE PARKER FAMILY SAYS THIS YEAR'S CELEBRATION TAKES THE CAKE. RAY PARKER JR. says: "It makes me very proud of our country and proud of what my dad did. It`s just a happy day."