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506 views • November 16, 2021

A Moonlit Night on the Spring River | Pipa | Vivian Liu | Chinese Music | Musical Moments | 春江花月夜

Musical Moments - East
00:00 - 1. Introduction 00:55 - 2. Mountain Moon 01:37 - 3. Winding Water 02:27 - 4. Return Wind 03:07 - 5. Wave Light 04:15 - 6. Fishing Boat Singing Night 05:28 - 7. Beating the shore 06:04 - 8. Rafting 07:38 - 9. End “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” has a beautiful artistic conception, a tightly structured music, a simple and elegant melody, a relatively stable and stretched rhythm, and expresses a profound artistic conception in a subtle way, and has a strong artistic appeal. Although the theme melody of this song has many changes and new factors emerge in an endless stream, the end of each paragraph uses the same phrase to present. It sounds very harmonious. In folk music, this technique is called "changing the beginning and repeating the ending", which can reveal the artistic conception of music from various angles and deepen the content of music expression. The conception of "A Moonlit Night on the Spring River" is very ingenious. With the continuous change and development of the music theme, the artistic conception depicted in the music gradually changes, sometimes quietly and sometimes warmly, presenting the endless change of natural scenery. "A Moonlit Night on the Spring River" is an ancient song with many versions. This performance is Liu Dehai's version. ____________ Vivian Liu's personal feelings of playing "A Moonlit Night on the Spring River": For thousands of years, the Pipa has been hailed as the king of Chinese national musical instruments. Because of its rich and diverse performance skills, expressiveness, and dominance in folk music and legends, it won the honorable title of king. Playing the Pipa is a kind of self-confidence, a kind of heritage, and a kind of cultivation for me. I will experience the long-lasting Chinese ancient culture from the depths of my soul through this unique musical instrument, the kind of beauty is like flying fairies who hold a Pipa in the ancient murals of Dunhuang Grottoes on the Silk Road, from their delicate fingertips floating out the wonderful heavenly music. The heavenly melody is like flowers, scattered around the world, echoing leisurely and elegantly on the land of China. "A Moonlit Night on the Spring River" is a famous traditional grand literati Pipa suite with a long history. I played this song in my childhood, and couldn't understand the subtlety of this piece. As the years went by, I gradually understood the profound and tranquil mood behind it. Play with a calm and peaceful mind. Although it shows that you are leisurely boating in the lake, your mind and heart have reached the far and enormous cosmos. _____________ “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” ("Chunjiang Huayueye") was originally a pipa solo, named "Xiyang Xiaogu" (also known as "Xunyang Xiaoge", "Xunyang Pipa", "Xunyang Moon Night", "Xunyang Song"). The title of this song was first seen in the late Qing Dynasty Yao Xie's book Jinyue Textual Research, and it was listed as the middle tune of the "Jiangnan School Pipa Repertoire". The music score was first seen in Jü Shilin's pipa score and Wu Wanqing's manuscript in 1875. Around 1925, Liu Yaozhang and Zheng Jinwen of the Shanghai Datong Music Association adapted it for the first time into a national orchestral music, and named it “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” ("Chunjiang Huayueye") based on the poetic and artistic conception of this music. In the years to follow, it was sorted and adapted by many people to make it more perfect and cherished by listeners in China and abroad. A Moonlit Night on the Spring River | Pipa | Vivian Liu | Chinese Music | Musical Moments | 春江花月夜 #pipa #chinese #VivianLiu
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