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Yingchun businesswoman story

2018-08-31 00:13
Yingchun was a young, successful businesswoman from Beijing, China. In the 1990s, she owned a productive factory and had popular retail shops in Shanghai. Business was booming, and in order to further maximize profits, Yingchun planned to open more retail shops. But—like plenty of other business people in Beijing —Yingchun’s fortune suddenly changed for the worse. Her business manager embezzled 400,000 yuan (or $59,000) from the business. Yingchun’s debts skyrocketed as she couldn’t pay suppliers and employees. She nearly had a mental breakdown. Her mother worried for her and followed her around, making sure she didn’t do “something silly.” Her mother told Yingchun, “Don’t be too obsessed with the loss. That man will get his retribution.” “He has lost a lot of virtue. Don’t worry about it.” Her mother practiced Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, a peaceful meditation practice for the mind, body, and soul. What her mother tells her next, she will soon realize to be the truth. [estimated one minute ad break area] Through the practice her mother learned the principles of karma and virtue: People who commit bad deeds end up accumulating karma, which they will have to pay for in the future through pain and suffering. Meanwhile, those that bear the pain of loss gain virtue, with which they’ll be blessed in the future. But Yingchun was too angry and miserable to hear any advice, even from her own mother. She had to deal with her factory and return to Shanghai to manage her business even though she could barely think. Before she left for Shanghai, her mother gave her a book. It was Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the main teaching of Falun Dafa. She gently told her it was a good book, but she was hesitant to take it because her mother was illiterate. “She couldn’t read, so what did she know about good books?” Yingchun thought. On the train back from Shanghai, she noticed a professor sitting near her. In her hands, was the same book her mother had given her. She told the professor she was surprised to see a scholar was reading Zhuan Falun, the same book her illiterate mother had given her. The professor told Yingchun that many people from all walks of life read this book, saying, “People around the world read this book. … It is a book of the Buddha School." "No matter how many books you have read, this book talks about things that other books have never touched upon.” “It is very profound.” Yingchun had many questions after she first read the book, but reading the book a second time, she found many of his questions answered. Then she read it a third time. She finally understood it was a book about improving oneself by way of cultivating the mind and the heart. And so, she began practicing its teachings. Soon thereafter, many things began changing for her. She regained her health, and broadened her mind. But most importantly, she no longer hated the man who had embezzled money from her, as her heart had changed. A few years later, Yingchun learned that the man who had once wronged her had been abandoned by his wife and left penniless. The man then developed a skin ulcer, resulting in his leg being amputated, and eventually passed away. Yingchun’s reaction upon learning the news surprised even herself. Not only did she not feel avenged, she felt empathy. Yingchun felt sad. She didn’t want revenge; she now wished she could have saved this man from his own bad nature and sorrowful demise. Eventually, Yingchun sold her factory and paid off all of her debts and bought a new business. Her family life was harmonious, and she had an entirely different outlook and understanding of things. So, in 1999, the Chinese Communist Party launched a campaign of persecution against Falun Dafa followers, her belief in the practice did not waver. She was arrested 3 times and once imprisoned in a forced labor camp for three years, all because he refused to give up her faith. She was even homeless and lived frugally for a time