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18 views • May 1, 2021

BTS (방탄소년단) 《Film out 필름 아웃》 | Violin【Cover by AnViolin】

■ 更多林子安: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEIBO: Spotify: 各式工作演出邀約請私訊IG或臉書專頁 For business, please send private message to my Instagram or Facebook fan page. ■ 更多【Cover by AnViolin】: 🎶樂譜連結 Sheet Music🎶 (台灣請用蝦皮) -- 방탄소년단《Film out 필름 아웃》 바이올린 커버 | Violin Cover by Lin Tzu An of Film out by BTS Film out 是日本劇場版《Signal長期未解決事件搜查班》的主題曲,看到這劇名,固定在追韓劇的各位想必覺得眼熟,沒錯!這劇場版就是從超好看的韓劇《Signal信號시그널》改編的。 這一次日方推出劇場版,更邀請到防彈少年團接續演唱主題曲。 歌曲編排對很多聽習慣Kpop套路的人來說應該不太習慣,反而帶有J-pop的感覺。光是聽旋律的記憶點不多,也沒有中毒性,但可以感覺到是首傷感的歌,溫柔地說著在心裡不會消失的人的故事。 可能是珍惜當下概念已經被講爛了,只好用更新的包裝方式講故事,現在更多是用穿越的方式來呈現已經不復存在的眷戀、依依不捨和撫今追昔。我們甚至用自己想像中的時光機,想著那個人好像就站在對面,但是可望不可及,當想伸出手觸碰若隱若現的對方,他卻如同過眼煙雲消失不見了。 是不是頗有我上首cover的錯位時空感,我吹過你吹過的晚風,那我們算不算相擁的遺憾,那就做個有你的夢吧,再擁有一次,醒來之後再失去一次,反覆練習之後,即使沒有時光機穿越回到過去,也應該可以熟悉夢以外沒有你的日子! 信義區香堤大道街頭演出變成登記制了,想聽我live版演出相關資訊,請追蹤Instagram限時動態! -- Film out is the ending theme song of the Signal the Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, the Japanese TV series. Anyone familiar with the KR dramas may relate this one to the KR drama with the same name, which was super famous earlier and it is =] This JP version was a remake of KR drama "Signal 시그널." The song was written by BTS member Jungkook in collaboration with the lead vocalist of Japanese rock power trio Back Number, Iyori Shimizu. Cherishing the moment may sound like too old-school or what, now we have to package the story with new concept, like going back to the past with time machine. The one I miss sooo much seems to be standing opposite there, but he is out of reach. When I want to reach out and touch him hug hum, he just disappear away. I still miss you soooo much. I want to be with you, it is as simple and as complicated as that. Until then, I'd feel the sun and the wind as if you are holding me. But now all I can do is have a dream with you where you are with me. It'll be like being there with you in the dream and losing you after waking up. After being repeated again and again every night and day and practicing like this, even there is no such time machine to travel back to the past, I would be good at the days without you after waking up in reality (oh but I would def choose to love you if there were a time machine taking me back to the past). Should you have any request regarding cover songs, just comment below and let me know. Also please share the video and subscribe to my channel Don't forget to click the 🔔 bell to be notified when my videos come out! Visit me at Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Plaza to enjoy more my live cover songs. Check it out details on my Instagram stories! -- 이번에는 소중한 구독자분들 요청으로 방탄소년단 일본어 신곡 필름 아웃을 개사해서 커버해봤습니다!!!! 방탄소년단 특유의 쓸쓸한 감성이 담겨서 커버를 하면서도 뭔가 가슴이 찡하더라구요 ㅠㅜㅠㅜ 열심히 편곡해봤는데 즐겁게 감상해주세요~~~ 좋아요와 구독 잊지마시구 알림설정까지 부탁드리겠습니다. 예쁘게 봐주시면 감사하겠습니다 ^__^ -- 編曲Arrange:림쯔안 林子安 Lin Tzu An 混音Mix: 림쯔안 林子安 Lin Tzu An 小提琴 Violin: 림쯔안 林子安 Lin Tzu An 攝影師剪接師 Photographer & Film editor: 산톤왕 Santon.W 文字編輯 Social media editor/manager: Lily Wu -- 🎻Sponsor AnViolin🎻 如果你喜歡我的影片的話,歡迎贊助我,讓我有更多資源去提升畫面與音樂。 贊助連結: (台灣請用歐付寶)歐付寶: (Via Paypal)Sponsorship: -- 【Cover by AnViolin】每週上傳新的小提琴cover影片, 喜歡的話請訂閱我的頻道 也記得開啟🔔訂閱通知,按讚留言分享給你家人朋友看! 還想看子安cover什麼歌?留言跟我說 ! -- #bts #방탄소년단 #filmout #필름아웃 #AnViolin #filmoutviolin #필름아웃Violin #filmout小提琴 #CoverSong #ViolinCover #CoverByAn #林子安 #林子安小提琴
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