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32 views • December 29, 2021

【看新聞學英文】250公斤「迷你豬」 主人寧被吃垮也拒賣|#大千英語新聞

🔊Mini-pig became a giant sow 迷你豬長成大母豬 [可開啟中文字幕] Rosangela dos Santos Lara went to the market and bought a mini-pig as a pet in Brazil. To her surprise, the mini-pig became a giant sow after three years. She says the seller tricked her. 羅桑傑拉(Rosangela dos Santos Lara)在巴西的市場買了一隻迷你豬作為寵物。令她驚訝的是,迷你豬三年後變成了一隻大母豬。她說賣家欺騙了她。 The sow, Lilica, weighs in at 250 kilos and gets through five kilos of fruit and vegetables a day plus animal feed, eating away much of Rosangela's tight household budget. 母豬莉莉卡(Lilica)250公斤重,每天要吃 5 公斤的水果、蔬菜以及動物飼料,使羅桑傑拉的家庭經濟十分吃緊。 "I bought her thinking she would be a mini-pig, but she turned into a giant animal," Rosangela said. 羅桑傑拉:「我買莉莉卡時,以為牠是一隻迷你豬,沒想到竟長到這麼大隻。」 Lilica stays on the sofa, sleeps in the bedroom, and follows her owner wherever she goes. Rosangela also walks her on a leash on the streets. 莉莉卡躺在沙發上,睡在臥室裡,走到哪裡都跟著主人。羅桑傑拉也會牽著她在路上散步。 "People sometimes criticize me, they call me crazy, but she brings me joy. I do not think it's crazy, but rather love for animals," Rosangela said. 羅桑傑拉:「人們有時會批評我,他們說我瘋了,但莉莉卡給我帶來了快樂。我不認為這很瘋狂,反而是我對動物的愛。」 Selling Lilica would give her family's finances a major boost, but Rosangela isn't interested. 賣掉莉莉卡會大大改善羅桑傑拉的家庭經濟狀況,但她並不感興趣。 "I saw someone this week who said, 'I'll give you 20,000 (about $3,580 US) reais. Will you sell it?' And I said, 'I'm not selling'. That's with knowing that those 20,000 (reais) would help me out at the moment. So it's staying," Rosangela said. 羅桑傑拉:「這週我碰到有人說,我會給你兩萬雷亞爾(約合 3,580 美元)。你願意嗎?我說,我不賣。雖然我知道兩萬(雷亞爾)會立馬解决我的狀況,但莉莉卡會一直跟著我。」 Even though Lilica grew into a giant sow, her owner still loves her and regards her as part of the family. 儘管莉莉卡長成了一頭巨大的母豬,但她的主人仍然愛她,將她視為家庭的一份子。 sow (n.) 母豬 trick (v.) (n.) (adj.) 欺騙;戲弄 leash (n.) 繩索;鏈子 criticize (v.) 批評;評論 finance (n.) 資金;金融 boost (n.) (v.) 提高;增加;幫助 來源:Reuters 編譯:Ariel Shen (Washington, D.C.) 主編:William Chen (CAN) 配音:Eddie Wei (CAN) 🔠【大千英語新聞】播放清單歡迎+到媒體庫 http://bit.ly/3b9y352 細選自國際上新奇、趣味、具指標性的新聞報導,通過閱讀、收聽與影像記憶等多功能加速學習。短短的影片,讓忙碌的現代人也能通勤學英文,天天練聽力。在台灣迎向國際的浪潮下,看大千學英文培植國際素養,是普羅大眾快樂的好幫手。 🔔請訂閱我們 https://youtube.com/user/NTDAmazingWorld 🆗再開啟小鈴鐺 ✅定時來點正成長喔 官方網站👉https://www.ntdtv.com.tw/program/大千世界
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