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5 Lessons From Dumb Criminals of 2018--The Perils of Crime Life Are Real

2018-04-24 15:39
The path of crime is perilous and commonly leads to prison of worse, but for anyone who still chooses the life of an outlaw, here are lessons from the deeds of some criminal masterminds of 2018. As one burglar in Brighton, Australia, learned, security cameras are best avoided by staying low to the ground. But don’t forget to look around a lot so the cameras still get a clear shot of your face. You can also conceal your identity by wearing a plastic bag on your head (don’t try this), but always cut a hole in the bag for your face, just like a burglar of St Marys, Georgia. You can also pull a sweatshirt over your head and only leave your face bare, just like a suspect in Melbourne, Australia. If you manage to steal a cash register, never carry it further than the door of the burglarized establishment, just like a witty thief did in St Lucie, Florida. Finally, if you don’t want to be hated and ridiculed by millions all over the world, don’t steal a gumball machine from an animal shelter. Better yet, don’t steal at all, with the omnipresence of cameras today, chances are your face will end up all over the internet—and quite likely as a mugshot too. Credit: Port St. Lucie Police Department, Victoria Police, Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento, St Mary's Police Department via Storyful