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A Conscientious Declaration from China: Disband the CCP

2020-03-30 16:30
Some Chinese people are saying that the Chinese communist regime’s cover ups and propaganda, trying to shift blame to other countries for the pandemic, has awakened the world to the tyrannical nature of their government. In a video, Zhao Kai, a native of Sichuan province, called on all Chinese and communist party officials to uphold justice and act according to their conscience and dissolve the Chinese Communist Party. - Hi, My name is Zhao Kai. I am a Sichuan citizen. At this moment of disaster, I call on all conscientious and righteous Chinese and communist party officials to stand up and dissolve the Communist Party. This virus is terrible, and even more terrifying than this virus is the Marxist-Leninist communism atheistic thought. The Marxist-Leninist communism atheism is a spiritual plague. Wherever this spiritual plague is, there is disaster. Since 1949, (we have experienced) the Cultural Revolution, the Great Famine, the movements to eradicate KMT party members, counter-revolutionaries, capitalists, and corrupt governance leading to the Tiananmen Square massacre. Nothing can be more devastating than all these man-made disasters. To this day, the ideological plague of communism has caused deprivation in China. We, the Chinese, have lost our basic humanity; We no longer worship Heaven; We have no sense of responsibility for future generations; The regime pours money to be a ‘hero’ around the world while countless Chinese are still living in poverty. With this virus spreading in the world, we ordinary Chinese will be on the receiving end of blame, claims, and lawsuits from around the world, maybe even exclusion. Inside China, we Chinese continue to face endless crises and disasters; unemployment, poverty, even famine, upscaled corruption, dictatorship, and fear. So for our future generations to live a life of kindness and justice, I advocate and call on all Chinese and party officials to stand up and dissolve the Communist Party. There is a price to pay for the progress of any country and society. Today I pay my price. I call for the dissolution of the Communist Party. May Heaven bless this nation. May God have mercy on us. Hi, I am a Sichuan citizen, Zhao Kai. I call for the dissolution of the Communist Party. Maybe I will be arrested or jailed. I am making the following statement. First, I am in good health. Second, I have no fever, and have been isolated at home for a long time. Third, I believe in God. I am mentally healthy. I do not have any mental illness. I will not commit suicide.