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Opera house Zurich

2018-08-29 00:06
The opera has a longstanding legacy in Europe, dating back to 1597 in Italy. Music can stimulate and train various parts of the brain, which can even help young people improve their ability to learn, said Klaus Billan. Klaus Billand, opera critic, has been watching opera since he was 16. But now he is worried about this tradition being lost in younger generations. “We have to really consider the importance to get new audiences into the house. The present attendance audiences are too old; in 30 years we have big, big holes. So we have to consider bringing young audiences and new audiences to the opera houses.” Many opera houses, like Opera House in Zurich are trying various things to bring young people into the opera. General director of Opera House Zurich, Andreas Homoki: “Special program for kids: that’s a main issue we introduce this year. And it’s important to approach these people, first of all by productions that are intelligent and easy to understand. You have to really commit yourself to tell a story. Our goal is to bring people into the opera house so that they enjoy this, and not try to replace by other transmissions through media.” However, bringing new audiences is not easy. Andreas Homoki explains the challenges he faces: “In Opera, all the elements come together in a way (if it goes really nice) that you forget that you’re in an opera, you are just enjoying an experience of music, narrative, and emotional storytelling. Because theater is a live experience.” “If you are leading a opera house, you have to make sure that all aspects come together nicely.” Through a yearly open-air event, Andreas Homoki hopes to bring more people to the opera. “We do one thing which we are really proud of, once a year we do a public screening. So we have a live screen and we have performances inside the house to the square outside in front of 14,000 people a year. The weather is nice, you have the picnic, you can drink wine, you are out on the square - it’s a beautiful thing. But that does not replace the opera inside that is important.” For the upcoming season, Opera House Zurich will bring to audiences 17 new productions. From opera, to ballet, to diverse concerts. It starts with a big opening party on Sept. 22. Andreas Homoki: “Come to the Opera, opera is fantastic, opera is exciting, opera is emotional. Makes you cry, makes you suspended, enjoy.”