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Videos of Day: Trump Slams Obama 'I’ll Never Forgive Him' for Not Funding Military Properly

2018-11-10 02:50
President Donald Trump: I'll never forgive him (Former President Barack Obama) for what he did to our United States military by not funding it properly. It was depleted, everything was old and tired. And I came in and I had to fix it and I'm in the process of spending tremendous amounts of money. So I'll never forgive him for what he did to our military. I'll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways, for which I'll talk to you about in the future. ------------ Protesters Appear Outside Broward County Elections Office in Florida Protesters showed up at the Broward County elections tabulation center in Florida. They came after President Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio, and others highlighted what they say may be election fraud. Trump: "They are finding votes out of nowhere and Rick Scott, who won by, you know, it was close, but he won by a comfortable margin, every couple of hours it goes down a little bit. And then you see the people, and they were involved with that fraud of the fake dossier, the phony dossier. I guess I hear they were somehow involved or work with the GPS Fusion people who have committed -- I mean, you look at what they have done. You look at the dishonesty. Look, look, bad things have gone on in Broward County, really bad things." Locals who showed up at the protest said what was happening is tantamount to “election theft.” They’re angry that the victories of Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis are in question. A judge found Broward County violated the constitution by not following open records laws and ordered election officials to comply by 7 p.m. on Nov. 9. ------- Victims of Synagogue Shooting Remembered A Rally for Peace was held at Point State Park to honor the 11 people killed in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The event started with a moment of silence that included a reading of each victims names. Actors Michael Keaton and Tom Hanks spoke at the vigil, showing their support for the victims’ families as well as the city of Pittsburgh. Michael Keaton, Actor, Pittsburgh Native: When I was in California watching all of this occur, a feeling of hopelessness was extraordinary. This one really hurts. When it happens in places of worship, like at the Tree of Life, or to the church in South Carolina, any place of worship that pain runs really deep. Tom Hanks, Actor: A visitor will know that Pittsburgh is a great city because Pittsburgh has been greatly tested. In those trials in your days, of struggle, Pittsburgh has set an example of what can come next and that what can come next can be good. The rally also included school choirs and musicians.