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China Abusive Treatment at the Hands of Communist Authorities

2020-03-14 17:47
Hi, my name is Tatiana Darzi and welcome to Epoch Times Exclusive. Here I’m going to show you some viral videos filmed by brave netizens from inside China amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, who are exposing thug like behavior by police. You’ll see the current conditions of Chinese citizens and how they’re surviving the Coronavirus outbreak. We’ll also take a look at the steps taken by local authorities and police in an effort to further contain the spread of Coronavirus. Speaking of the local authorities--they have taken very extreme measures that not only borderline human rights violations, but far exceed it through abuse of power. Many of you might wonder, “Why don’t the Chinese people protest against the government?” or “Why should I care?” I understand where you’re coming from, and please allow me to explain: The reason they don’t protest is because people from all walks of life, in all schools and in every institution, are fed communist propaganda and are being lied to day-after-day, year-after-year. In schools they’re taught that there’s no better way to live and even exist without the CCP. It is a specter that requires unquestionable allegiance to the Party--above family and above God. What about Religion? In China the CCP is your religion--religious doctrines are changed in state run Churches, Temples, and Mosques where the CCP replaces God. To choose between your family or the party? Simple. The party. CCP propaganda is instilled into the consciousness of every person living in China from the moment they take their first breath until the day they die. There is no encouragement of unification, to claim back their inalienable rights. The history they learn in school omits historical facts--not just from Chinese history, but from World history too. It is instead revised, omitted, and re-written to fit the communist narrative. And this is not a recent phenomenon, this has been taking place for many years. It’s been decade after decade, since Mao gained power, until the present day. It’s been many years and generations of brainwashing and disinformation. To give you a more modern example, The CCP censors the media coming into China. It also censors many of the websites the Chinese people can access--including News outlets. It uses the media as a tool and mouthpiece of the party--basically, propaganda. If you were living under these conditions, unable to speak out. Wouldn’t you like there to be someone speaking out for you? Be that voice! We need to be a voice for those living under oppression. Trying to survive, under communism. It is important for us to understand how our brothers and sisters living on the other side of the world are coping under that communist regime. Because it is our business to look out for and learn from one another, to avoid repeating mistakes from history and know what steps are being taken to abolish our freedoms. To understand these more more in-depth how this came about, I would like to recommend 3 reading materials for you--which will be linked below this video. These are: 1. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, 2. How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World, and 3. The Ultimate Goal of Communism Thank you for joining me today in this Epoch Times Exclusive. Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, but most of all Share this program with friends and family to inform them about this. See you next time!