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Shen Yun Elicits Thoughts of a Higher Purpose

2019-01-14 00:00
New York-based Shen Yun performed at the International Convention Centre(ICC) in Birmingham, U.K., on Jan. 12, as part of its 2019 world tour in which six equally sized companies will travel to over 100 cities. After watching Shen Yun, corporate finance lawyer Gareth John said the performance was “very spiritual.” "Amazing, absolutely stunning. The colors, the vibrancy, the dancing, really spectacular and very spiritual I think as well," said John. "I just think the movements so pure and the dance and everything and the music, is quite touching." He said he particularly enjoyed the dance story of “Visiting Chang’e at the Moon Palace,” and was impressed how the 3D background integrated into the storytelling. “I thought it was extremely clever. And also made us think that we’re not just here on Earth, we’re part of a bigger universe. We need to think bigger,” John said. “We’re not just here on Earth, are we? We’re part of a bigger picture. This is fascinating. “It’s a very spiritual performance and makes you think on a bigger level.” "It's just an amazing experience, isn't it? It's inspiring, to see how much athleticism goes into it and how precise everything is," said Dave Reece, an automotive industry consultant. "As a business consultant, my job is about process and precision and this is just mirrors everything that I go through in business life. I think it's great, I mean, this dance and performance is fantastic." "It's wonderful, it's great to see the movement, the athleticism, and the choreography, just how they're all together and then shows as one," said Alan Wisdish, a civil engineer at Atkins. "It's really brilliant." In China, teachings from Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism have been passed down for millennia, forming the basis of Chinese moral philosophy. These ideas include the harmony between man and nature, and divine retribution. Audience members said values like these are as relevant to today as they were in ancient China. "It's a good theme," Wisdish added. "It's good to show some of the traditional Chinese culture and how Chinese has been for a long time, show some Chinese humor and some of the spiritual they have, it's fantastic." "If you stop and think and spend the time to think about what is life about," said Mark Jones, a director at EDM Plus (UK) Ltd. "What do we want in life, then things are fairly basic and simple. We just make life difficult ourselves." NTD News, London