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Actor Says Performance Like Shen Yun is Much Needed in Today's World

2019-04-26 14:35
Story-based dance is one way Shen Yun portrays the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Actor and producer Peter Hertsgaard attended the performance at The Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington on April 21. He was deeply attracted to the stories. "To carry the story, cause it’s hard in dance. I’m an actor too—so they acted it well and they made it come to life. I love the whole mystical thing, I mean, I personally believe all that. I’m kind of a mystical person, so I loved that aspect to it, of the whole spiritual piece of it. It’s beautiful," he said. "I really enjoyed the production, I thought, as somebody who’s very aware of storytelling that you chose really good stories, that’s really important, I was never bored, and I was always interested to not only learn about the Chinese culture, and all the different movements and peoples and stories culturally etc, but you had really good storytelling," Hertsgaard added. "And the dancers really demonstrated that well, the dancers also were really good at a lot of the acting pieces of it, cause dancers aren’t always good actors, but your dancers are." Hertsgaard was also drawn by the messages carried in the stories which tapped into the deeply spiritual roots of Chinese culture. "I’ve actually had some of those experiences of being in other worlds and stuff so I totally know that’s true, it’s not just a story, it’s real," he added. "We need the Creator to come back, we’re part of the Creator right, so we’re carrying that spark of the Creator." In the ending, he said that the reference to the Creator was a timely reminder in this day and age. "I believe that we have come from a higher place and that we’re here to transform this world, which is not such a great place at times, to bring the light, to bring all the colors of the divine Creator, all the different expressions in light, higher light,” said Hertsgaard. "I just think we need this kind of stuff, to inspire people to lift them up to a higher possibility." NTD News, Washington