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"Emperor of the Skies" dinosaur unveiled in Germany

2018-03-24 00:58
This is a pterosaur. It weighs at least half a ton and has a wingspan of more than 39 feet. The pterosaur is believed to be closely related to crocodiles and dinosaurs. At the same time that the T. rex and other large dinosaurs became extinct, pterosaurs also died out. The bones of a Pterosaur are one of the most unique dinosaur fossils ever discovered. These bones were found in 2009 in a steep slope in Transylvania, Romania. Because they were found in Transylvania, the fossil is nicknamed “Dracula.” Initially, paleontologists didn’t believe what they had found. Raimund Albersdorfer, Paleontologist “What is it? Is it a dinosaur bone, is it a mammal bone, is it dated wrong or whatever, and then slowly, you know, we realized that this must be a Pterosaur, a gigantic, unique Pterosaur and we just freaked out. Wow, unbelievable.” The creature is now on show at the Altmuehltal Dinosaur Museum in Denkendorf, Germany. Credit: Reuters