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72 views • July 19, 2019

鄧紫棋《光年之外》小提琴版本 | Violin【Cover by AnViolin】

■ 更多林子安: INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/an__official/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/Tzan0825/ WEIBO:http://weibo.com/u/6511795600 各式工作演出邀約請私訊IG或臉書專頁 For business, please send private message to my Instagram or Facebook fan page. ■ 更多【Cover by AnViolin】:https://bit.ly/2vWVtF5 -- 鄧紫棋《光年之外》小提琴版本 | Violin cover by Lin Tzu An of LIGHT YEARS AWAY by G.E.M. 這首歌聽說是鄧紫棋在看過電影「太空旅客」的數個片段之後創作出來的歌曲,旋律將電影極致浪漫的太空戀愛演繹得大氣磅礴,飽含主角間「緣份讓我們相遇亂世以外,命運卻要我們危難中相愛」的深情,更因為這首歌,鄧紫棋獲邀到BreakThrough Prize這個科學的奧斯卡舞台上表演自己的原創歌曲。 我沒有看過電影,然而我相信會有這樣的時刻,儘管身處壓力重重、有應接不暇的瑣事,可是在某個瞬間聽到某段音樂,壓力轉瞬間全部消除。 生活永遠值得熱愛的理由之一,就是這些可遇不可求的觸電般的詩意。因為相信人與人之間的際遇,是多麽不可思議,所以我選擇到街頭拉琴,只要有一位聽眾停下腳步聽我拉琴,並且因為我的琴聲得到心靈救贖,感到幸福的那瞬間,我也覺得滿足了。 歡迎大家在沒有下雨的週末到信義區香堤大道,聽這些cover歌曲的live版!詳細演出相關資訊,我都會更新在我的Instagram 限時動態! 7月14日到7月31日我在法國亞維儂藝術節表演,再跟大家分享! -- Here comes my weekly updated cover: LIGHT YEARS AWAY by G.E.M. This song has made after G.E.M. watched several clips of movie "Space Traveler." The melody shows how strong the love is in the space and the romantic line from the movie " we are meant to meet and fall in love in the troubled times" and because of the song, G.E.M. was invited to perform the original song at the stage of BreakThrough Prize at NASA. I had no idea about the movie, but I believe there will be such a moment that despite the pressure, when hearing certain music or melody, the pressure is completely relieved. One of the reasons for our life being adorable is exactly the moment and this is exactly why I decided to perform as a busker to share the love and happiness of music. I hope there will be someone who will enjoy the healing power and strength via my violin music. That means a lot to me definitely. Should you have any request regarding cover songs, just comment below and let me know. Also please share the video and subscribe to my channel https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ. Don't forget to click the 🔔 bell to be notified when my videos come out! Another week, another cover. Let's goooo, hope y’all like this! Visit me at Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Plaza to enjoy more my live cover songs. Check it out details on my Instagram stories! I am currently at 2019 Festival d'Avignon till July 31. Visit me thereeeee =D -- 小提琴 Violin: 林子安 Lin Tzu An 攝影師剪接師 Photographer & Film editor: Santon.W 文字編輯 Social media editor/manager: Lily Wu -- 【Cover by AnViolin】每週上傳新的小提琴cover影片, 喜歡的話請訂閱我的頻道 https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ 也記得開啟🔔訂閱通知,按讚留言分享給你家人朋友看喔! 如果你喜歡我的影片也歡迎贊助我,讓我有更多資源去提升畫面與音樂。 Paypal : https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin For Sponsorship:https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin 還想看子安cover什麼歌?留言跟我說 ! -- #鄧紫棋 #光年之外 #NASA #鄧紫棋光年之外 #光年之外violin #光年之外小提琴 #光年之外violincover #AnViolin #CoverSong #ViolinCover #CoverByAn #林子安 #林子安小提琴
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