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29 views • April 28, 2020

華晨宇《好想愛這個世界啊》小提琴版本 | Violin【Cover by An】

■ 更多林子安: INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/an__official/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/Anviolin/ WEIBO:http://weibo.com/u/6511795600 各式工作演出邀約請私訊IG或臉書專頁 For business, please send private message to my Instagram or Facebook fan page. ■ 更多【Cover by AnViolin】:https://bit.ly/2vWVtF5 -- 華晨宇《好想愛這個世界啊》小提琴版本 | Violin cover by Lin Tzu An of I really want to love this world by Hua Chen Yu 隨著網路與社群媒體的發達,因為鍵盤魔人的言語行為很多人受到了傷害。 我們似乎都活在從別人的期待來塑造自己人格的世界中。 來,這是一把尺,你不足或超越,我們都要對你指指點點! 而若對這些言論有反應,又會被貼上另一個標籤。 躲在鍵盤後猖狂正義的現狀導致非常多人心裡受了傷卻無法說出口,甚至有些受害者無法承受所以選擇了離開這個世界。 華晨宇《好想愛這個世界啊》是為了憂鬱患者寫的,一開始聽到就很有感觸。 我也想用自己的力量幫助這些受害者、這些受傷的人,甚至是我自己。 蔡康永曾經說過這句話分享給大家:「鏡子很髒的時候,我們並不會誤以為是自己的臉髒;那為什麼別人隨口說出糟糕的話時,我們要覺得糟糕的是我們自己?」所以要是有人給了你垃圾的話,拿去丟掉就好,不必執意於對方給了我垃圾,然後失意難過,沒有理由自己受傷的! 我們沒辦法一下子轉換社會上的不良風氣,言語霸凌也好、各種歧視也罷, 但我們可以改變自己的心態,只有我們選擇讓一則文字一段話影響我們的時候,它才會影響我們。 我不會幫大家加油,因為我知道各位都已經夠努力了❤️ 我想請各位永遠記得,無論遭受怎樣的對待,還有一群愛你的人一直陪著! 請把重心放在期待著你的人身上,我想用音樂表達這份善良,這份依舊想愛世界的力量。 這世界也許待你不溫柔,卻有人願意溫柔陪伴你,這裡有我! 最後一句的琴聲像是小提琴的啜泣聲,表達了無奈與惋惜,想獻給那些已經隕落的善良天使星星。 願大家都能帶著勇敢的心跨越每條荊棘的道路。 如果生命就該浪費在美好的事物,願我們都親自扮演那份美好! 希望每一顆決定要隕落的星星,都可以重新找回引力。 歡迎大家在沒有下雨的週末到信義區香堤大道,聽cover歌曲的live版!詳細演出相關資訊,我都會更新在我的Instagram 限時動態! -- With the development of the Internet and social media, many people are hurt because of the anonymous netizens. It seems that we all live in a world that our personalities are shaped from the expectations of others. Here you go, this is a ruler, if you are inadequate or beyond, we can judge you! If people respond to these comments, they will be labeled with another label. The status quo of judging people via the internet has made many people hurt but unable to speak out for help, and even some who couldn't stand those remarks chose to leave this world. Hua Chen Yu's《I really want to love this world》was for those mental illness, and I was super super touched when first listening to it. I want to use my music to help those who are hurt by the haters. Mr. Kevin Tsai once said "When the mirror is dirty, we won't think that our faces are dirty; but why do we think ourselves as someone bad when others utter something bad about us?" So if there's someone throwing you some garbages, just TAKE THEM AWAY. We should not be stubborn over the reasons for those garbages and getting upset, you are enough. We can’t change the verbal abuses on the internet at once, whether they are cyberbullying or any kinds of discrimination, but we can change our mindset. Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable, but that does not change the truth that I am brave and worthy of love and belonging. The last of the violin sounds like a violin is weeping with helplessness and regret, and that's for the angels in heaven. Should you have any request regarding cover songs, just comment below and let me know. Also please share the video and subscribe to my channel https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ. Don't forget to click the 🔔 bell to be notified when my videos come out! Another week, another cover. Let's goooo, hope y’all like this! Visit me at Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Plaza to enjoy more my live cover songs. Check it out details on my Instagram stories! -- 小提琴 Violin: 林子安 Lin Tzu An 攝影師剪接師 Photographer & Film editor: Santon.W 文字編輯 Social media editor/manager: Lily Wu -- 🎼 Sheet music 樂譜連結 https://shopee.tw/%EF%BC%BB%E5%B0%8F%E6%8F%90%E7%90%B4%E6%A8%82%E8%AD%9C%EF%BC%BD%E8%8F%AF%E6%99%A8%E5%AE%87-%E5%A5%BD%E6%83%B3%E6%84%9B%E9%80%99%E5%80%8B%E4%B8%96%E7%95%8C-%E6%9E%97%E5%AD%90%E5%AE%89AnViolin%E7%89%88%E6%9C%AC-i.260436562.4233520857 【Cover by AnViolin】每週上傳新的小提琴cover影片, 喜歡的話請訂閱我的頻道 https://bit.ly/2EsTGMQ 也記得開啟🔔訂閱通知,按讚留言分享給你家人朋友看喔! 如果你喜歡我的影片也歡迎贊助我,讓我有更多資源去提升畫面與音樂。 以下是贊助連結~ Paypal : https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin For Sponsorship:https://www.paypal.me/Anviolin 台灣地區 歐付寶 https://p.opay.tw/77sBF 還想看子安cover什麼歌?留言跟我說 ! -- #華晨宇 #好想愛這個世界啊 #華晨宇好想愛這個世界啊 #好想愛這個世界啊violin #好想愛這個世界啊小提琴 #林子安好想愛這個世界啊 #AnViolin #CoverSong #ViolinCover #CoverByAn #林子安 #林子安小提琴
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