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42 views • February 9, 2022

【看新聞學英文】少女完成獨自環球飛行 打破世界航空紀錄|#大千英語新聞

🔊British-Belgian teen becomes youngest woman to fly solo around the world 英裔比利時少女成為獨自環球飛行的最年輕女性 [可開啟中文字幕] A British-Belgian teenager became the youngest woman to fly solo around the globe. She is also the first woman to circumnavigate the world in a microlight plane. 一名英裔比利時少女成為全球獨自環球飛行最年輕的女性。她同時也是第一個駕駛超輕型飛機環球飛行的女性。 Nineteen-year-old Zara Rutherford landed back at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport in Belgium after flying 51,000 km (32,000 miles) over 52 nations since her departure in the world's fastest microlight aircraft in August 2021. 19 歲的扎拉·盧瑟福自2021年8月駕駛世界上最快的超輕型飛機起飛後,已經飛越 了52個國家,5.1萬公里(3.2萬英里),日前返回了比利時的科特賴克-韋弗爾海姆機場。 "There's been amazing moments, but then there's been moments where I had fear for my life," she added, picking New York and an active volcano in Iceland as her favorite flyovers. 「我曾經經歷過非常美好的時刻,但也有過為自己的生命感到恐懼的時刻」,她補充說道。她選了紐約和冰島的一座活火山,作為她最喜歡的飛越地點。 After North and South America, Rutherford was stuck for a month in Alaska because of weather and visa delays. A winter storm forced another long stop in far eastern Russia. Later, she traveled to South Asia, the Middle East, and back to Europe. 抵達北美和南美之後,由於天氣和簽證延誤,盧瑟福在阿拉斯加停留了一個月。一場冬季風暴迫使她在俄羅斯遠東地區再一次長時間停留。接著,她去了南亞、中東,然後又回到了歐洲。 Avoiding North Korean airspace was also a challenge. The weather almost drove her into it. 避開北韓領空也是一個挑戰。天氣狀況幾乎迫使她進入北韓領空。 "Normally nothing should or would happen (in North Korean airspace) but they have been testing missiles with no warning. And if they see a small blip or aircraft on their screen that's quite low, heading towards their country, it's very possible that they would send someone out to have a look," she said. 「正常情況下(在北韓領空),應該什麼事都不會發生,但他們一直在毫無預警的情況下測試導彈。如果他們在屏幕上看到一個非常低的小光點或飛機,正朝著他們的國家飛去,他們很有可能會派人出去看看」她表示。 Aside from entering the record book, Rutherford dreams of being an astronaut and hopes her voyage will encourage women in science, technology, and aviation. 除了打破紀錄外,盧瑟福還夢想成為一名太空人,並希望她的旅程能夠鼓勵女性從事科學、科技和航空領域的工作。 circumnavigate (v.) 繞…航行 departure (n.) 出發 stuck (adj.) 卡住的; 陷入困境的 voyage (n.) (v.) 航行 aviation (n.) 航空 🔠【大千英語新聞】播放清單歡迎+到媒體庫 http://bit.ly/3b9y352 細選自國際上新奇、趣味、具指標性的新聞報導,通過閱讀、收聽與影像記憶等多功能加速學習。短短的影片,讓忙碌的現代人也能通勤學英文,天天練聽力。在台灣迎向國際的浪潮下,看大千學英文培植國際素養,是普羅大眾快樂的好幫手。 🔔請訂閱我們 https://youtube.com/user/NTDAmazingWorld 🆗再開啟小鈴鐺 ✅定時來點正成長喔 官方網站👉https://www.ntdtv.com.tw/program/大千世界
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