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62 views • October 30, 2021

How to predict earthquakes in Taiwan

How to predict earthquakes in Taiwan (subsidence, clouds, moonlight, typhoon) -Predict the earthquake series within 24 hours- I'm afraid of forgetting, I just remember what I want to record first. Let me first talk about a very smart method: Due to the particularity of the topography of Taiwan, its earthquake prediction is also very special. Land subsidence prediction method After long-term observations, it has been noticed that as long as news of a land subsidence in Guangdong appears, an earthquake will inevitably occur in Taiwan within 24 hours. No matter how big or small, there will be. If you want to verify, you can search the Internet for news about the Taiwan earthquake and the Guangdong subsidence. Generally, it can be matched. The rule is: within 24 hours before the Taiwan earthquake, there will always be ground subsidence in Guangdong. If the land subsidence develops to Guangxi, Taiwan will generally shake more severely. (Unless people are bored with this kind of news, and they will not report it at all, or block the news for the sake of image, then there is no way, but everything that has reports can basically be matched, and it is more accurate than the omen. too much.) Therefore, friends who have a lot of time can search the Internet for news about the land subsidence. Once they find that there is a land subsidence in Guangdong, they can basically be sure that there will be an earthquake in Taiwan within 24 hours. It should be noted that the so-called ground subsidence is a natural ground subsidence, which cannot be caused by the tofu dregs project, such as a water pipe burst, a ground subsidence flushed out, or a landslide caused by poor cement quality. This does not count. Suddenly the water in a fish pond dries up, there are suddenly big pits in the wild or urban roads and the ground (obviously not caused by the tofu project), and the sudden muddy and gassing of the well can all be classified into the broad concept of land subsidence. This is a reminder from nature to humans with a slight shaking before the earthquake. To explain in a slightly more scientific term, the liquefied area began to sink in advance, and the source of the shaking was near Taiwan. This liquefied area is not fixed and unchanging. Maybe it appeared here this time, and then its form was destroyed and it ceased to exist; while it rained in other places, or the groundwater or fish pond reservoir was flooded, a certain When the location reaches the level of liquefaction, it becomes the next forecast point, which is also justifiable. As for why it must be the fall of Guangdong and Taiwan that will be followed by an earthquake? That involves the structure of the strata, I don't want to talk about it here, otherwise it will be too complicated. Moreover, the prediction principles and methods have already been mentioned in the previous video. It is possible to predict the location and direction of an earthquake by drawing a line from an origin. The same method can be used to predict earthquakes in Japan, Russia, and even in some European countries. Earthquakes can also be drawn in this way. If you can’t remember the method, please go back and watch the previous video that introduced the principle in detail, so I won’t repeat it here. Cloud forecasting How can I say, there is an intersection on the riverside in my place. Standing on the sidewalk at the intersection, there is a temple. Its top is facing the direction of Taiwan. As long as there is a fish scale cloud or a chopstick cloud diverging upward at about 30 degrees above it, Fault clouds, earthquakes usually occur in Taiwan within 24 hours. This method may not be easy to learn, because the reference point is very accurate. The principle was also introduced in the previous video. Here are a few detailed pictures, I hope the resolution is okay. Of course, this kind of forecasting method can also be verified repeatedly, and once in a while, it can’t be called a science. Moonlight forecasting This is a recent discovery. If the stratum cracks, some energy particles will rush to the s
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