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680 views • May 21, 2022

中共疫情限制 行業監管 外教流失 國際學校受創| #新唐人新聞

中共當局嚴厲的「清零」防疫措施,以及對教育政策的收緊,導致大量外籍教師,紛紛離開中國,也加劇了中國與自由社會越發脫節的情況。被困長春65天的美國外教 勞拉·哈斯頓(Laura Husdon):「終於要結束這場旅途了,想和每位在中國的人說聲再見,這裡有很多非常可愛的人,希望你們能挺過封鎖 ,少些痛苦。」 ((23. (SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. CITIZEN RESIDING IN CHANGCHUN, LAURA HUSDON, SAYING: "And finally that's my journey here and I just wanted to say a quick goodbye to everyone in China. There’s a lot of really lovely people here and I hope that you guys survive this lockdown with as little pain as possible.)) 過去20年來,中國湧現大量國際學校,據教育網站「新學說」(Xinxueshuo)的數據,截至2019年,中國的國際學校數量已達到821所,但在中共極端的疫情管控下,很多外教選擇逃離。 被困長春65天的美國外教 勞拉·哈斯頓(Laura Husdon):「難過的是,當獲得一點有限的自由時就覺得特開心,連我們能出門都有種心酸的喜悅,但世界大多數人都可以出門,哪怕監獄都有放風時間。」 ((18. (SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. CITIZEN RESIDING IN CHANGCHUN, LAURA HUSDON, SAYING: "You know, that we had missed so much time, where we couldn't go outside. And I just started kind of feeling a bit sad that it had been so long since we've been outside and just also I felt quite sad that we were all so happy that we had this very limited amount of freedom. And it just, it was quite bittersweet to sort of just have the realisation of like we can go outside, but most people can go outside, even people in prison have yard time.")) 廣州一所國際學校早教學習負責人 阿樂斯卡·摩斯(Aleksa Moss):「現今上海發生的事,局勢那麼緊張、壓力巨大,我有種感覺,最終會導致很多家庭和國際師生逃離這個國家。」 ((14. (SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF EARLY LEARNING AT AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN GUANGZHOU, ALEKSA MOSS, SAYING: "But then, we have things happening like in Shanghai right now, where the tensions are high and the stress level is high and I have a feeing that that will end up resulting in both families and world students and teachers wanting to leave the country.")) 由66所中國學校組成的團體:中蒙國際學校協會(ACAMIS),共聘請了約3,600名教師。該協會表示,今年約40%的國際教師要離開中國,而這一數字連年增長(2021年有30%、2020年有15%)。 中蒙國際學校協會執行董事 湯姆·奧米特(Tom Ulmet):「很多負責人告訴我,他們花了300小時甚至更久,來招聘教師到中國,但全球都看到了封城的報導,覺得沒必要身陷『囹圄』,都不想來。」 ((21. (SOUNDBITE) (English) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF ASSOCIATION OF CHINA AND MONGOLIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS (ACAMIS), TOM ULMET, SAYING: "Many heads have told me that they have been spending up to three hundred hours or more, trying to recruit teachers to come to China. But now, people around the world have been reading about the lockdowns and just don't feel a need to subject themselves to that. So they take jobs elsewhere.")) 除了嚴格的疫情管控,近年來,中共也在教育領域收緊監管,通過弱化英語教育,增加共產黨文化學習,來加強對孩童的洗腦。 去年,中共還推出新規,要求招收中國學生的學校,不能使用外國名字,以及「國際」或「全球」等詞彙,許多國際學校、雙語學校被迫改名,也包括很多歷史悠久的英國教育機構,如「哈羅公學」(Harrow School)(改為:「北京市朝陽區禮德學校」)。 廣州一所國際學校早教學習負責人 阿樂斯卡·摩斯(Aleksa Moss):「現在是2022年招聘季,我們發現新的格局,幾乎所有國際學校成員都選擇離開中國。」 ((7. (SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF EARLY LEARNING AT AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN GUANGZHOU, ALEKSA MOSS, SAYING: "But now we are in the 2022 recruiting season, we are finding a new pattern emerging of teachers and leadership and basically all constituents in international schools are choosing to leave China, so that candidate pool within the country has shrunk. So it's harder to recruit within China and it's harder to recruit outside of China. So that finding quality staff has just been really tricky, particularly in this recruiting cycle.")) 不僅如此,中共還禁止私立學校,使用外國課程和教科書,致使英國名校「威斯敏斯特公校」(Westminster School,又名西敏公學),也放棄了在中國各地開設系列學院的計劃。 5月份,歐洲商會對歐洲企業的一項調查指出,所有來自教育部門的受訪者都表示,中國的投資吸引力非常薄弱。 新唐人記者 宇亭 綜合報導。
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